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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Has Gavin Newsom Gone Crazy?

Don't we love city government? Word around town is that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom wants all his appointed employees to file their resignation so that he can start with a clean slate (assuming that he gets re-elected).

Is our Mayor just flat out nuts? I would never try to terminate so many employees, especially for a complex system like the government just so that things can possibly be "better." If we eliminate all the top positions at once, we are going to expect some hell from our government when it comes to services. Lets say that the police commission is all fired and a new one is put into place, doesn't it just seem that the new commission will not be in full swing for at least several months? Sigh... we'll be having some out of control cops for a while...

Also, I know some great city commissioners that might lose their positions in the city government. One of them was appointed when Mayor Willie Brown was in charge, but I hope he is able to keep his position or leave without a fight.

Just one more thought, if Newsom wants to wipe out all his appointees, then he will have a government that simply works in favor of him for everything; honestly, we need some past appointees to question the mayor's every single move around here. Remember, always question authority!


Anonymous said...

I wish to support your effort to depose gavin newsom, where do i sign up?

Akit said...

Um... lets vote for someone else! How about that guy who is homeless and drives a purple cab?