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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

KRON Bleeds the Earthquake News to Death

As you local Bay Area folks know, there was a level five earthquake that hit just after 8PM. Interestingly, I didn't feel it here in San Francisco, although one of my co-workers mentioned about it briefly after the end of my workday.

So, I get home, and I turn on the TV because I'm a little stressed and tired. Since we lived in earthquake country, an earthquake here or there may just put a little ten minute "breaking news" report on the channels, in which they did, and the occasional scroll bar on the top of the tube; yet there was one station that really pissed me off.

If you read my blogs, you know the TV news station I hate the most, KRON. They were the only station that kept bleeding the news from at least 8PM, and now it's 11PM, and it's time for their regular 11PM news broadcast.

When I say "bleeding the news," I mean, they were trying to squeeze every single thing out of the damn news. Hey, IT'S JUST A FUCKING EARTHQUAKE! Things get broken here and there, but there's no fire, no panic, no deaths reported, so why did KRON just send the TV news straight to hell?

Oh I get it, you get people to send photographs on the air, and have stupid hicks call LIVE on TV so that they can get their 15 minutes of fame to mention their "story" (which I don't honestly give a fuck). Like many of us would say "just the facts ma'am;" but it seems that KRON DIDN'T GIVE A SHIT.

I might HATE KRON, but the only two interesting programs that I watch on a Tuesday night is "The Academy" (LA Sheriffs academy school for wusses to become cops), and "Jail" (recycled stuff from Court TV about the jail system). It's interesting reality stuff, especially when I'm not into repeats of Law and Order. So by running their LAME earthquake coverage for THREE STRAIGHT HOURS, I DID NOT get to see that new episode of "The Academy" that I've been waiting for.



The Lamest No Halloween In the Castro Advertising Campaign EVER

I'm sorry, but giving $40,000 in taxpayer dollars for this lame looking logo is a waste of MY TAX MONEY I PAY TO THE CITY I LIVE IN.

So who did San Francisco hire to do this FUCKING LAME campaign? Well, David Perry & Associates. Go watch their lame quality videos on YouTube, where they used the KRON studios to make their cheap videos with F-grade celebrities that I don't know who the hell they are.

Do you see these PSA videos on other news stations (KTVU, KPIX, KGO, and KNTV)? Fuck no! That's because the video quality is lame, and nobody wants to present something that is sponsored by KRON (the worst TV station in town, full of people beating the shit out of each other, dumb reality programs, their poorly rated telenovelas, infomercials during the weekends, "D" movies at night, and a guy named Dr. Phil, who doesn't really have a PhD in his "appropriate" field).

I just love my own YouTube video, and IT WAS FREE TO MAKE!

The videos and poster campaign is so lame, that it ENCOURAGES people to go.

It makes you wonder, where really did the $40,000 go? I'm betting that it's in their pockets. To go cheap on the production of those color fliers, just produce the massive number of posters at some child factory in a foreign country (just like your clothes from the GAP).

So, will you go and resist Newsom and David Perry & Associates? I think so.

Remember folks, be safe, and if the riot cops want to fuck with you, remember to bring a camera to record the evidence.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Party in the Castro? It is still going to happen!


As many local Bay Area residents know, the Castro Halloween party is always a popular street event in the Castro district of San Francisco. But last year's developments, including a shooting and some stabbing have made the the government leaders of San Francisco turn their backs on this popular event.

I don't usually go to Halloween parties in the first place, because I enjoy staying home and giving out candy to the neighbor kids who always visit. But I support the Castro party for these particular reasons:

  1. The City and County of San Francisco FAILED to follow through with an alternative event to be held somewhere on the Port of San Francisco or at AT&T Park. By being a sanctioned event, there can be an appropriate investment into assuring the safety of guests.
  2. The campaign to force people to stay away from the Castro has gone cheap. Have you seen their PSAs lately? They just look like shit. See the three ads on Youtube here, here, and here. Also, who the fuck are these people? Never heard of them in my life. Also, I've learned that the ads were produced in the KRON studios... yeah, KRON, San Francisco's shittiest news station in town. The only thing good about KRON is getting my lotto numbers and staring at Darya Folsom in the morning before I switch back to "Morning's on 2." If KRON viewership is at a low, why would people watch these PSAs in the first place?
    1. The city gave a lot of money to do ad campaigns to resist this event, but by looking at the quality of their child made posters and TV ads, you could have asked those media majors at a college to make much better quality material.
  3. Do you really think the cops will be arresting and beating-up people? Looks like we are going back to the days when the SFPD dragged gays out of the bars of the Castro to seek revenge for burning their cop cars during a protest rally after Dan White got a slap on the wrist for assassinating Moscone and Milk?
I'm really going to bet that something bad is going to happen, and if the police really fucks this event up this year with arrests and riot gear, get ready for a big backlash. Remember SF Citizens, Mayor Newsom is up for election on November 6, 2007, just seven days after the Halloween party. You can vote for someone else to make him lose the race if his idea of shutting down the Castro fails.

Bring a camera and/or a digital video recorder.
--Record cops in action if things start going wrong.
Go in large numbers.
Don't bring alcohol or weapons.
The big goal: Make it look like things are normal and that the event is going so well that everyone is happy.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why I don't ride San Francisco Muni

San Francisco Muni just outright sucks!

Checking the news lately? The Chronicle reports that a man had his hand caught in the door of a metro train and was dragging him to nearly his own death. Muni's spokeperson Maggie Lynch blamed the passenger, and not the driver for not looking at the incident in the mirror.

How about this one? CBS5/KPIX did a story about leaking pipes on fifteenth avenue in San Francisco that ran next to a muni metro line. There was leaky water pipes into people's homes and experts believe that the leak was due to a stray current. The only source of the stray current is from the Muni metro tracks because in order for the train to operate, the current must run above one wire, and the remaining current is in the metal tracks. Muni does not want to admit to this problem, so their press talkin' bitch Maggie Lynch decides to basically say "fuck off" to the lady doing the story when the interviewer put the pressure on when muni denied the claim, then documentation was shown that this was happening on the 3rd street light rail project.


And just out of my own experience, I don't like Muni. There's a reason why I drive around town these days.

Here's just a "short" list of incidents I witnessed or involved in that made me hate Muni:
  • Late vehicles.
  • Incompetent customer service people that talk so slowly and speak so poorly, that it is not funny.
  • Violated speed limit laws.
  • Drove way too slow on route.
  • Ran red lights.
  • Went five seconds before green light lit to get ahead of cars waiting for green.
  • Violated pedestrian right of way (I nearly got hit by a bus that way).
  • Failure to make complete stop at stop sign.
  • Skipped stops intentionally to make-up time.
  • Sat packed bus for five minutes to not get caught by supervisor for being too early.
  • Same driver intentionally skipped a major bus stop multiple times, continued to complain to driver and officials.
  • Broken metro stairwell in down position while train operated in subway. Doors would open and pose major safety risk.
  • I said to a driver that a crime was committed on the train, and that I already reported it to police on the phone. Driver just shrugged and kept driving.
  • One station agent per station. Many stations have two booths. Wonder why people just break the law and ride free.
So I just say... fuck Muni!