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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

CBS News - Controversial Racial Comment

CBS News is hiding the fact that they made a controversial racial comment on their news program in regards to their story titled: "A Critical Study on Chinese Food" dated on March 21, 2007.

The comment mentioned near the end of the news segment is when the reporter was sitting with other "health experts" and one mentioned that omitting certain ingredients from the Chinese food items that are high in sodium and fat would be beneficial.

The female reporter jokingly mentioned that restaurant cooks would "spit" in their food for omitting certain ingredients. The reporter and her guests laughed at the comment.

"Why is this controversial? I believe that her comment is malicious by using the stereotype that all Chinese restaurants are dirty and therefore employees will "spit" in your food. Also to note, the CW channel in New York was under controversy by the folks of AsianWeek for controversial comments by claiming that rodents are the meat product in the New Food King restaurant. Read the AsianWeek article here.

CBS is trying to cover-up this problem by hiding their videos online from public view.

On YouTube: The video is now locked down for invite only.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XelwHIfurk
Description of video: "A consumer watchdog group released a report on Chinese food, claiming that some dishes are packed with an enormous amount of calories and sodium. Sharyn Alfonsi has more details. (CBSNews.com)"

Also, it was deleted off the CBS website:

CBS then tries to cover-up their mess-up by making new stories about the Chinese food unhealthy problem. Their technique, get a female reporter into a "healthier" Chinese take-out establishment and use Teri Okita who has an Asian American background to fix their problem.

Oh yeah, the original reporter is white and the guests weren't Asian (not to be racist or anything like that, but I think you should be aware of that).

I've spoke with some of my fellow Ethnic Studies grad students, and they think it's not offensive, but I think others would disagree. Also, why would CBS cover-up this problem by trying to erase the videos? Why is it still on Youtube (CBS has an agreement with Youtube to publish their news reports and other TV show vids), but only for invites? And you would think, well the news story has been there for a week, they must delete them. Actually not true, the CBS video area on Youtube holds videos from over two months ago! The story was posted just a week ago. See their vid archive here: http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=CBS

Why is the video link still on CBSnews.com? Take a look at the search results on their website here, do you see that the story marked "March 23, 2007" is outright blank (versus the others that have a text summary), with a clickable dash ("-") link that goes to a dead video?

A lot of questions, but no answers.

Let's summarize my rants:
You make me sick. Just another TV program on my personal banned list: KRON news, and now CBS News.

Here's the actual words the reporter said:
Sharyn Alfonsi: "And if you special order and say sauce on the side, they are not going to spit in your food."
Male health expert: Exactly... absolutely, [female health expert chuckling] that would save some work for them.
Female health expert: [chuckling]
Sharyn Alfonsi: And could stop you from getting a Buddha belly, Sharyn Alfonsi, CBS News, New York."

If you want to HEAR the clip, contact me with your e-mail in the comments section of this blog.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

CSU Strike?

If you haven't heard the word, the California State University faculty association has voted and the tally is that a strike has been authorized.

Read it here.

Other than the cooling off period before the universities go on a rotating strike, just how much will this affect students?

I know that some students will celebrate by sleeping-in late and enjoying their nice day without the pressure of turning in their homework.

Others would say that it would impact them, especially that there are only about six weeks left in the academic year and that some also needs to complete their semester projects.

For undergrads... they are screwed. Grad students are a little more lucky, depending on their program. Grads only working on their thesis work will not be affected because it is just independent work. Grads taking seminar classes won't be in too much trouble either because some classes are a little more laid back and flexible in their assignments.

I don't really like strikes, especially if it will deeply affect my daily activities, but I really think that professors and lecturers deserve a higher salary for the amount of education they receive. This may sound interesting, but if you work as a bus driver, you'd earn more or equal the salary of a professor. When comparing education, a bus driver may only need a H.S. education, when a professor needs a PhD.

If they do strike... please stop using those generic ass chants that everyone else uses! They are so annoying!

Here's some examples:
"What do we want? (Bla bla bla) When do we want it? Now!"
"Hey hey, ho ho, (bla bla bla)'s got to go!"

Think of something creative, like imitating Gov. Arnold's voice: "Hey Ka-Lee-Forn-Ya, I'm gonna turm-inate your education! I'll pay you to wash my Humm-ahh (hummer)."

Or how about playing fart sounds over a bullhorn, and commenting: "Does it smell like Chancellor Reed in here? I guess passing gas is better for him than giving us a new contract."

Or how about an improvised rap jam? or a song parody?

Let's summarize my rants:
They don't want to strike, but the faculty may be forced to do so.
I'm gonna be a bus driver!
Stop using annoying strike chants!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

SFSU - CSU/UC 10% Fee Hike?

I'm a little shocked that the Trustees of the California State Universities and the University of California decided to raise university fees 10%. Depending on where you go, some will be paying as high as $350 or as low as about $150.

What's the big idea about this?

Here's my take on the issue: We raise university fees (not tuition, supposedly it's provided "free" to all CA residents) because we don't have enough in the state budget to properly fund programs. So they take some real crazy measures to really screw with us.

Here's some good examples of screwing the students: You raise fees to: give university presidents and chancellors a fat ass pay raise or perks (why does SFSU's President Corrigan get a $1,000 housing and car allowance?), nobody wants to attend it because quality is going down the drain (i.e. turn a 30 student class into a 70 student class with only one professor to get more moola), and Arnold aint dishing out the dough to keep us happy.

Here's the big problem, we have public universities, and that means that tuition/fees should be much less or NONE to the students. With a raise in fees, that means that the poor and disadvantaged will never get a fair chance to get a B.A. or B.S. degree. We can still afford to attend community college for $20 a unit, but an A.A. or A.S. degree doesn't pull a lot these days when getting a job.

I guess George Carlin is right, everyone except the rich will be working for the corporate world doing labor for low wages.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

McDonald's the Video Game!

This has to be one of the most funniest and amusing games I've played in a while.

Plus, it's free!


I found this game while reading the "articles" of Playboy magazine and this game caught my eye because the game features you as the corp executive of McDonald's and what you have to do to feed the hungry, and make a hell of a profit. Every time I've played, I've made the company bankrupt (be careful of not going over $35,000 in debt).

The game is great, not much complaints.

Let's summarize my rants:
McDonalds... hmmm, there's what in the meat?
Wow, at least I don't work for minimum wage.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just a reason why "road rage" is bad

Here's why road rage is bad! At least I'm a man! We've got (ahem) less aggressive attitudes.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Officemax gets an F in poor service

I was at my nearby Officemax today to order some business cards and a custom rubber stamp.

When I went to the counter, I asked the lady that I wanted to order some business cards and all she did was leave me the form, and WALKED AWAY. I had to ask for help from another employee because I did not know what to do. That form is so complex that you really need help to get it all filled out.

By the time I finally got the card order right, I already spent one hour in the store, with just some help.

Then I ordered a rubber stamp, it only took less than five minutes to get it in writing.

I was ready to pay for them, and I had a discount card to get $10 off for purchases over $20, and the rubber stamp offer was $5 off. I told the guy that if you need to do it in two transactions to get the best discount, to do so.

He said: It should apply if I do it to both. When he rang up the purchase, he said that it worked.

When I received my receipt, I looked at it and asked him of why did only the $10 discount apply and not the $5 too? I had to ask that question three times when he kept giving me bullshit responses, and then he said, well, you can't apply both offers at the same time.

Then I was STEAMED. I told him that he could do it in two separate transactions so I can get my $15 discount to apply, and finally I went to the manager.

It took less than 20 seconds to explain to the manager about the problem, and eventually, he gave me back the $5 discount (with tax). IT TOOK ME 5 MINUTES TO EXPLAIN TO THE COPY CENTER ASSOCIATE, but 20 seconds to the manager. Just how stupid are these people?

I swear that I will NEVER to conduct business anymore at the copy/print center at Officemax. Their staff is absolutely stupid, they don't give any help, and customer service can kiss my ass.

They have a real horrible track record: They destroyed some documents I wanted laminated, not just once, but THREE times. When I was waiting at the counter for help, I waited 15 minutes for someone to come up to ask me if I needed anything, and then WALKED AWAY.

So that's why, I give Officemax a very big "F!" I would pay the premium prices at Kinko's because at least they don't treat me like a piece of sh*t.

Let's summarize my rants:
F--- Officemax!
Their customer service is crap
You just give me a form, with NO HELP.
Their staff are outright incompetent
I'm going to Kinko's! At least they treat me better.

SFSU's Cafe Rosso - Thanks for the coffee stains

I know that SFSU's Cafe Rosso changed their cups to be bio-degradable, but these new cups are really bad at keeping a good seal from the sippy lid. When I drink my coffee, I can feel the hot coffee drip all over my hands. Today, it stained my pants!

Anyone else experiencing this?

Let's summarize my rants:
Can't you find a good cup manufacturer that can make bio-degradable cups that makes a good seal?
Thanks, now I have to walk around with stained pants.

Awful Car Accident on Tuesday (Sunset Blvd. and Ocean)

True story... I was driving home from SFSU going northbound on Lake Merced Blvd, which changes to Sunset, when I saw this black German built car stalled at the limit line in the middle lane at Ocean Avenue.

The German made car stalled at that specific area, and I was in the right lane to pass it. When I passed the stalled car, I briefly look in my rear view mirror and I see a compact white colored Honda car slam into the stalled car. I pulled over and called 911 and told them that there was a rear end accident and nobody was hurt. The lady with the German made car was waiting on the sidewalk and the guy in the white car was able to get out and walk safely.

After I called the police, I went around the block and parked my car somewhere away from traffic and went to the scene and awaited police to tell them my story.

When the police arrived, I informed the officer that the stalled car had its hood up and there was no hazard lights lit. Yet I still blame the Honda driver for driving too fast, not paying attention, and that since the distance from the curve to the intersection was at least 700 feet, the driver should have at least slammed on the brake within 200 feet. All I heard was a brief and short tire screeching sound just before the car slammed into the other vehicle.

Let's summarize my rants (the lessons learned today):
Don't drive faster than the speed limit. Lake Merced Blvd is infamous for people driving too fast. About a month ago, a car sped too fast around a curve made for 35MPH and it flipped over.
Use your hazards when stalled.
Pop your trunk too.
Carry some flares or at least some kind of reflective hazard signs.
Pay attention when driving.
At least Karma was on my side today.