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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Learn to PARK YOUR CAR! Space Hog!

On my block, parking on the street is not too challenging, but I hate it when my neighbors pull this crap (see photo above).

You S.O.B. parking space hog! If this car parked correctly by moving his/her vehicle up to the end of the curb about six to ten feet ahead of it, then someone else can fit their car behind there. Or... back-up your car about four feet in front of the white Mini Cooper so that someone can park their car in front of you. The Cooper has plenty of room to get out because of the driveway of the blue house.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Bad Parked Vehicle: CA 5FIE030

Here's another example of a parking space hog. San Francisco Japantown parking lot at about 1:00PM on January 19, 2008.

California license plate number: 5FIE030

If you know who this is, please send my regards by "keying" the car. Sure can use a paintjob.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Misleading Costco Coupon - 20th Century Fox DVDs

Looking at this coupon on the left, what does this tell you?

This Costco coupon looks to me like I can purchase ANY 20th Century Fox DVD, as long as the program on the DVD has been on television.

Scroll down to read why...

Keep going...

The Costco coupon is actually misleading. There are three item code numbers, but there are four DVDs displayed, meaning that these codes can't really apply to the four displayed DVDs, and also supports that it is legit to any 20th Century Fox DVD.

Actually, it only qualifies to the DVDs that matches the three item code numbers on the Costco price sticker. But since the coupon has three DVD titles, are they they eligible? I don't know.

Nevertheless, I wasn't happy when the guy at the register rejected this, and I also spoke to the manager that this coupon is misleading. I drove over ten miles to that location to purchase something that the coupon is rejected? I wanted to buy the Family Guy "Blue Harvest" Star Wars spoof, but I went home with nothing.

  • Clearly mark that the items are only legit to the codes on the coupon and item.
  • Should have put their advertising price sign on the eligible items. Not all items at the El Camino Costco had their price with the coupon discount displayed. I noticed this when an eligible coupon for this week didn't show-up on the product's display.
I wonder how many other unhappy customers walked in and realized that their favorite 20th Century Fox DVDs like the Simpson's and Family Guy was going to be turned away at the register with a coupon that didn't tell the whole truth about their advertising?

I was almost ready to demand my membership fees back from Costco that day.

Anyone got an opinion about the interpretation of the coupon? Just post a comment!

Bad Driver - CA License Plate 4LLM210

If you are the owner of the license plate 4LLM210, where the f--- did you learn to drive?

Caught driver swerving between two lanes to get in front of vehicles and didn't use turn signals.

Location: San Francisco, CA; Great Highway (southbound) on the stretch between Lincoln and Sloat.

Someone doesn't need to slap you, but needs to spank you with a paddle.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


KRON channel 4 in San Francisco is being put up to sale! I knew it! The station has always sucked since they lost their NBC affiliation.

I always knew that these factors caused their death:
  • VJ style news (don't use spell check and can't even get Snoop Dogg's face in the camera).
  • Jan Whal's hats suck
  • What the hell is "My Network TV?" It's just a network still running on meth.
  • Henry's garden? What kind of shit is this?
  • Rob Black? Financial loser.
  • Dr. Phil, a bullshit doctor.
So, when is the funeral? Call the morgue!

Read articles here: SFist and SFgate (Chronicle)

EXTRA EXTRA - S.F. Supervisor Ed Jew to Resign


Suspended San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew is to resign!

It's time to pop that cork of champagne and celebrate folks! The corrupt jackass surrenders!

If you resign, he's gotta be f-ing guilty of one of two things: taking a bribe, or not living in San Francisco.

I believe that he does not live in San Francisco, because his other home is in Burlingame. And when you get a warrant for your arrest, why the hell do you go to Burlingame to get booked by the cops?

For the entire news article, click here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

FYE $7 Rebate Problem - WWE Best of Raw 15th Anniversary

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem:

I bought the WWE "Best of Raw" (offer number 07-95447) and my rebate receipt says that I will get a $7 refund.

I checked my e-mail and noticed that my rebate has been processed, but it says $5. I also called the rebate center, and they claim it is a "misprint." I don't believe so, because if your official store receipt says $7, I expect $7.

In the end, the DVD should be with the $7 rebate: $17.99.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The New American Gladiators - Steroids?

I'm right now watching that new American Gladiators program on NBC hosted by Hulk Hogan and that Ali chick.

Does anyone notice that these so called "Gladiators" (including the women) might be on steroids? The challengers aint buff, but those Gladiators look like our current list of professional wrestlers, known to take steroids. The co-host, Ali is a boxer, and she aint buff because you can't box legally on steroids.

Um... it should be noted that there's already been two injuries on this program, including the first women's event. What great editing NBC.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Opinion on the San Francisco Zoo Tragedy

The San Francisco Zoo has had some bad incidents in the past years, from an elephant dying, to a lady being mauled by a tiger. Even more tragic is that one man was killed, and two were mauled (and survived) by the same tiger that attacked a keeper. AND THIS WAS ON CHRISTMAS DAY!

Now, this story has hit the national headlines big time, and this story is not going away that easy... OK, maybe in a month, just like the Cosco Busan oil spill incident. Our local news outlets don't even talk about the oil spill anymore.

There's this huge blame game going around, and it always seems that when things get really f-ed up, you always call the best "spin" public speakers and lawyers in the nation to screw around with the story. Lets see what they have to say:

The Zoo: They claim that the tiger was taunted by the three (now possibly four) people that were allegedly involved. They also claim that they had a quick enough response.

The lawyer for the mauled men: They did not taunt the tiger and zoo employees at the nearby cafe refused to let the men hide in the facility.

My analysis: The zoo is responsible for this incident. Regardless if an animal is taunted or not, it is the responsibility of the San Francisco Zoo to build safe exhibits that prevent animal escapes in the first place. For the tiger grotto, the wall was NOT HIGH ENOUGH to repel the animal.

Also, there's word that the tiger had some cement in her claws, which is a sign that somehow the animal was able to climb the wall. I wonder what the condition of the wall is? Was it in good condition, where it is smooth and not possible to break apart so that the animal could not climb the wall? Or was the wall in poor condition, where the wall was not smooth (rocky) or in bad condition, that even a human could do some rock climbing on that thing?

So what's going to happen now?
-- I think that the zoo better be ready to take on a million dollar settlement. The zoo is held responsible for holding a DANGEROUS animal that is their responsibility. They built a grotto that is not high enough, and did not provide quick enough response to evacuate the area and respond to the incident. And now... they are to install a PA system... yeah, could have been installed decades ago; idiots.

I'd fire the entire zoo management for this fuck-up. Especially the guy who's getting paid over $100,000+ a year to "manage" this bullshit facility. Even better, close down the damn place if they cannot pay to maintain the facility. Why waste my tax dollars on a place that is inadequate in the name of safety?

What's wrong with this city?
  1. Muni sucks.
  2. The cops can't control the lower east side of town.
  3. A zoo that is basically unsafe.
  4. A Mayor who went to rehab.
  5. A Mayor involved in a sex scandal.
  6. Overpaid city "managers."
  7. The 311 operators are operated by a bunch of retards.
  8. Things change only when someone gets killed, such as the zoo incident.