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Thursday, May 31, 2007

$2.98 a gallon in San Francisco?

If you ever dreamed of getting the cheapest gas in town from the station that had the highest gas prices in the nation, you won't believe this story.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that today, Thursday, May 31, 2007, the Shell gas station on 6th street and Harrison, an independently owned gasoline station with the Shell brand name will be selling gasoline today ONLY for $2.98 a gallon regular, and $2.99 for mid grade and premium.

The owner made national headlines when he sold gasoline for $4.33 a gallon to protest the Shell gasoline company from trying to squeeze him out of business and giving the station owner a razor thin profit margin. However, on his last day of business (today), he dumped his gas prices to $2.98 a gallon to basically give a hefty FUCK YOU (that's the way I would think of it) to the company and leave with a bang. By the end of the day, the owner will surrender his keys to Shell, and I'm hoping he gives the finger at them too.

Amazing, isn't it? San Francisco has the highest gasoline prices in the entire nation. I remember paying $2.99 just six months ago at a local 76 station on 19th avenue.

To learn more about the station owner's original $4.33 a gallon protest, read it here.
To find the cheapest gas in San Francisco and the Bay Area, click here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

CA Senator Carole Migden - REVOKE HER LICENSE

California State Senator Carole Midgen was recently involved in a car accident in her state issued SUV when driving from the Bay Area to the State Capitol in Sacramento.

News reports claim that she scraped the center guardrail at least twice, once in particular somewhere on I-80 in Berkeley. She also rear-ended a vehicle a little later.

News reports also claim that half a dozen drivers following her called CHP's 911 to inform them that the vehicle was swerving, making dangerous lane changes, and she was on a cell phone while reading documents in her other hand.

On tonight's news (May 23, 2007), the Senator met with numerous local news stations to tell her side of the story. She claimed that she does not "recall" the incidents because she is taking medication for her leukemia, and has voluntary decided to have someone else drive her, and get her self evaluated by medical professionals.

In my opinion, I'm calling out BULLSHIT because her statement is a load of crap.

--First of all, she should have her LICENSE REVOKED IMMEDIATELY by DMV officials for driving under the influence of drugs. If her prescription says that she should not take the medication while driving a vehicle, TAKE THE ADVICE SERIOUSLY.

--Second, the taxpayers should not have to foot her insurance policy that is paid for by the State of California. If YOU committed the accidents in question, it is your FUCKING FAULT and YOU WILL PAY THE DAMAGES IN FULL.

--Third, who the hell gave this lady a BRAND NEW LUXURY SUV? Her last "state official" vehicle for her use was a $50,000+ luxury automobile. If we are a cash strapped state, why do we give government officials brand new expensive cars? Why not give them a FUCKING GEO METRO? At least that extra money could go towards funding our schools a little better.

--Lastly, don't try to get any sympathy from your constituents. It is your fault that you caused the rear-end accident and by blaming that you took drugs for your leukemia is a bunch of shit. Honestly, if I was hit by you, I WOULD SUE YOU IN COURT AND DEMAND TO GET YOU CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED FOR DUI.

Let's summarize my rants:
Migden is full of shit.
I am NOT voting for her.
Pay your own damn insurance, don't make the state.
Don't use a phone and read documents while driving. Do I masturbate while I drive? No.
Give her a bumper car, those run on electricity and if you hit something, at least you won't fuck-up someone else's car. Oh wait, we don't electrified roads on the highways, I guess you'll have to have someone else drive!
No more excuses... CONFESS! CONFESS!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Too Edited - National Bingo Night on ABC

I was interested in the program "National Bingo Night" when people at home had the chance to win some prizes for printing their cards at home, but there were some things that really annoyed me.

--If anyone watched the program, it is too heavily edited. You can easily tell that the host is doing voiceovers on certain segments. Another editing problem is that you know that the audience is applauding and they turn the camera to the host to say some reminder of the prize or to mark-off your card, you can see in the background that the audience is NOT applauding, but you can hear the sound of the audience applauding in the background sound.

--Can you stop reminding us to mark our cards off and registering our cards on the website? I already knew that the first time you said it Captain Jackass! I "won" a bingo prize of being in the raffle for the $50,000, but since the ABC website crashed, I was able to input my claim code, but it did not take-in my name and contact info. Then I tried again and the claim code and it said that it was already claimed. Yeah... whoopie, I guess I won't win anything.

--The "Bingo 500" is a blah! The guy says that the number is low, and the ball comes down the chute and it's a red ball (and this asshole thinks he aint gonna get it right). Well damn, I already know it's a low number because the red ball color signifies the "B" column!

--Too few numbers were called-out in this game and the game process went too slow. If you were in a bingo hall playing against people, the game would last a longer and more numbers would be called out if you played in certain patterns.

--Ya know, four corners is a legitimate bingo.

--Do we really need a host that looks like Howie Mandel? But just without the germ-a-phobe attitude?

--The referee is a real worthless figure in this game. Especially the accent. Sure, I support having South-Asians on television, but putting an accent really turns the fun around to make it seem like its some stereotype that people from India speak with a heavy accent in America. Think of it this way, do you know that Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook on PBS actually speaks normal English and speaks that pidgin English only on TV to play the stereotype of the perpetual foreigner?

--All the printed-out bingo cards say: "This Sweepstakes is a seeded instant win game; it is not a state-sanctioned bingo game..." This simply means that this "Bingo" (and I really put this in quotes) game has been pre-recorded and that the print-at-home bingo cards are simply pre-determined scratch-off tickets.

Think of it this way: This "National Bingo Night" was pre-taped and before they put it on TV and let people win prizes, people who print the tickets at home are actually already instant winners or instant losers. If someone like K-Mart is giving away $5 gift cards for their stores, K-Mart wants to only give out five million dollars for the promotion. So the "bingo cards" are already rigged to only distribute "winning" cards so that once 1,000,000 (5 million divided by $5 = 1 million) pre-determined bingo cards are distributed with the winning prize.

Let's summarize my rants:
National Bingo Night is full of shit
Print out as many cards you want, there's no limit. Maybe instead of winning nothing, I'll get back $50 worth of K-mart gift cards and I've already fried $100 in paper and ink to "play" this game.
Too much editing
Howie Mandel look-alike host
Stereotyped referee
Just another TV program on my hate list. Now on list: KRON, NBC11, and National Bingo Night!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Got Milk? The most annoying advertisement

Does anyone watch TV and see those "Got Milk" commercials that feature the "Adachi" family trying to steal a glass of milk from a place similar to Alcatraz?

That commercial has to be one of the most fucking annoying ads I've ever heard of in my own life! If you can't climb a five foot wall, you are A FUCKING WUSS!

Shit, haven't you ever heard of going to a grocery store and getting a gallon of milk for just a few bucks?

And why steal only one glass? Will that help out with your muscle problems and teeth by just consuming ONLY ONE GLASS??????

Sunday, May 6, 2007

First Official MLB Pitch by Tim Lincecum (Giants)

I was at the Giants game on Sunday, May 6, 2007 and I was able to capture Tim Lincecum's first ever pitch in the Major Leagues.

What a great action shot! For a 22 year old who can pitch 98 MPH, wow.

The only thing about Tim... two run homer by the Phillies in the first inning, and some more awful runs. Oh well.

Plus, being that Sunday was so dang warm in San Francisco, by the end of the game, I drank a 42 ounce "hugo" at McDonald's, a small designated driver soda, and two huge lemonades at the park.

I need to look for a white jersey to wear, black just soaks the sun.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Unfortunate World of Airline Miles

I can't believe I did this, I bought plane tickets to Las Vegas on Monday for $200 each, and then two days later, I get a huge chunk of airline miles posted in my account when my United Airlines Credit Card posted me 21,000 miles available to use.

21,000 miles is the equivalent of $210 in money to pay a plane ticket, or just an additional 4,000 miles to get a "saver" ticket to fly almost anywhere in the USA (regardless of the price of fare).

Now I regret it because the airline I picked has a "no refund" policy, damn! I could have used my 21,000 in free air miles to buy a flight to Vegas and used that extra cash to feed it down the mouth of a rip-off slot machine or a shot a roulette.

But I must say that it is totally worth getting a credit card or a check card with some type of rewards program because you use your cards to pay for your daily and big ticket item purchases, and why not get about 1% back? Say you spend $1,000 on your credit card, 1% of $1,000 is $10, which typically means you can claim a gift card for a retail store for that amount.

Credit cards with rewards is a good option, but check cards with rewards typically only return 0.25% of every dollar you invest. The only thing that would make the rewards program worthless is that if you do use it, it's usually a higher APR than a non-rewards program, and if you are paying interest on your credit card bills (instead of paying your bill completely every month for 0% interest), it aint worth it.

Let's summarize my rants:
Rats, I could have flown for free!
No refund?? What a joke!
Can't I get my money back so I can gamble and try to get double?
Try a credit card with rewards, it's worth getting free crap.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I don't want to go to Jury Duty!

On Monday, I got a summons in the mail to go to Jury Duty during finals week. Why during finals week would they send out notices to students to pay their civil service debt to society? We all pray that we never have to serve on a jury, but being held on-call really sucks.

At least those idiots let me reschedule the week I really needed.

I can understand that we need people to be on juries to support the civil and criminal courts, but we all know that we hate the service because you don't want to fart around in a waiting room for your name to ever be called.

Maybe I should make a fun excuse... um... I have irritable bowel syndrome, or I have a problem with controlling my farts.