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Thursday, September 27, 2007

What would Gavin Newsom and Ed Jew's ID Badges look like?

Some more humor to akit.org... what would Gavin Newsom's ID look like? This is just a parody...

How about ED Jew's "Hello" name sticker? What would it say? Just a parody...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Supervisor Ed Jew - What his Prison ID would look like

I did this just for fun... what would San Francisco (suspended) Supervisor Ed Jew's state and federal prison IDs look like?

Lets take a look:
Supervisor Ed Jew's Future Prison ID
Parody photo: Supervisor Ed Jew - Federal Prison ID

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Supervisor Ed Jew - SUSPENDED

It's time to celebrate everyone! San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew has been suspended by Mayor Gavin Newsom.

So now what happens? Good ol' Ed will be facing the ethics board at City Hall to face the charges that may oust him out of office.

Ed is one very stubborn man, he refuses to resign because of two very tough legal cases that he needs to fight to keep him out of prison, and having two legal cases must put a lot of pressure on the quality of his work as a city supervisor. So I say, it's good that he's been kicked out of office temporarily while he tries to get away from being possibly shived by a guy name "Ball Buster" in prison.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Migden's Back and We Should Stay Off the Roads

Here's one in Akit's "oh crap" files:

California State Senator Carole Migden has her damn driver's license back.

So how did she lose it? She drove impaired on the state highway system by speeding, hitting guardrails, swerving, and rear-ending someone, causing the victim to go to the hospital.

What's the alcohol of choice? Actually it was a drug. She took medication.

Just look at these 911 calls:

Then the fucking woman gets off SO DAMN EASY. Why? She deserves to be charged with DUI. Even this bastard on SFist tries to go after me (going for the low blow) for demanding that Migden gets a DUI.

Here's a fun news report! Stay off the streets!

Let's summarize my rants:
Migden sucks.
Migden should get a DUI.
Midgen should drive a bumper car to work (oh wait, we don't have overhead electric power, so I guess you'd have to take the Capitol Corridor)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Reaction - Governor Arnold Bans Cell Phone Use for Minors

I really dispute the idea of Governor Arnold banning the use of cell phones while driving for people under the age of 18. See article here.

  • Why do we go after only teenagers that are able to be legal to drive (16 to 17.9)? This might sound strange, but it seems easier to pass laws and policies against people that are under the voting age because they can't vote to recall elected public officials. If they were to ban the use of cell phones to adults, then just watch voters get revenge on the governor by not supporting him. But when thinking of "protecting the children," it is easy to target children.
    • Think of it this way, some of those curfew policies that target under 18 year olds is not exactly fair because there is this stigma that people under 18 don't have a voice and can't complain, so adults always thinks of what is 'right' or 'wrong.'
  • Why not try to pass a law to use headsets? I drive with a bluetooth headset, even though the law for adults has not been enforced yet.
  • How the hell can you enforce the teenage cell phone ban law if the cops can't pull you over (see article)?
  • Did Arnold use those statistics from AAA about cell phone use?
    • Lets remember that statistics can lie and can be tweaked just right to make it in their favor.
      • Only 1,000 were surveyed. JUST HOW MANY TEENS LIVE IN THIS STATE?
      • If you were asked if you ever used a mobile device while you drive, nearly everyone would agree (even me, I've callled 911 at least once). If you worded the question differently, like do you use it everyday or at least three times a week, then the results would be drastically different.
      • Would the statistics be different if they asked the question:
        • Do you use a mobile device while driving without a headset?
        • Do you use a mobile device while driving with a headset?
    • How much money did AAA feed down Arnold's throat? Plus, the DMV contracts out AAA to do some of the car registration stuff at their offices, why do I have a feeling that this may be biased?
  • The decent thing I will say is, I don't support anyone using a mobile device like a PDA, notebook computer, or DVD player while driving. That's a little too extreme.
Here's a way to cheat the system you teenagers! Since cops can't pull you over for using a cell phone, attach a speakerphone to your car (bluetooth is now available) so that the cops won't see you put a phone to your ear.

Let's summarize my rants:
There's always another way to get around the system.
Statistics suck.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Has Gavin Newsom Gone Crazy?

Don't we love city government? Word around town is that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom wants all his appointed employees to file their resignation so that he can start with a clean slate (assuming that he gets re-elected).

Is our Mayor just flat out nuts? I would never try to terminate so many employees, especially for a complex system like the government just so that things can possibly be "better." If we eliminate all the top positions at once, we are going to expect some hell from our government when it comes to services. Lets say that the police commission is all fired and a new one is put into place, doesn't it just seem that the new commission will not be in full swing for at least several months? Sigh... we'll be having some out of control cops for a while...

Also, I know some great city commissioners that might lose their positions in the city government. One of them was appointed when Mayor Willie Brown was in charge, but I hope he is able to keep his position or leave without a fight.

Just one more thought, if Newsom wants to wipe out all his appointees, then he will have a government that simply works in favor of him for everything; honestly, we need some past appointees to question the mayor's every single move around here. Remember, always question authority!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Is Mayor Gavin Newsom a Drinker and Player?

I was at San Francisco Japantown's Fall Festival today, and Mayor Gavin Newsom was the person of honor at the event, when he had a drink of sake (rice wine). Hey... didn't Newsom get cured from alcohol addiction? So he relasped?

So after drinking that tasty sake, he got some nice photo ops with some cute ladies...

Oh yeah... this fancy photo below... did he get some?
Why does this similar to Family Guy when Meg was interning with Mayor Adam West?

Oh well... the event was fun! I was dancing too!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Kid Nation - Boycott the Show

Kid Nation on CBS is the new reality program that lets children from the ages of 8 to 15 run their own little world in a deserted ghost town in New Mexico. (Just a little thought after typing everything out, run your own "nation..." so kids are able to violate their constitutional rights?)

When I first saw the advertisement for this, I thought that this is a smart idea, but then when the news got around that the idea may be too controversial, I had to really think about this again.

People have accused the program of the following:
  • Child exploitation
  • Child abuse
  • Child neglect
  • Parents signing away their children
  • Child labor laws
  • Actor union violations
  • Etc.
I do agree on most of the accusations that others have made about this show.

One in particular is that the parents sign away their children to television producers to make this program. The contract itself is so restrictive that the children must follow orders 24/7, otherwise they can be kicked out. Then the parents must understand that if they yap about the show to the media, they get sued for $5,000,000 versus the shitty $5,000 per child stipend for participating. How about the injury or death policy? It says that CBS is not held responsible if they get injured or die as a result of participating. So let me get this straight, if I were to die because of negligence of a producer or a contractor who lets say built the property or equipment, my folks can't sue them?

This almost sounds like the parents are really just pimps and are prostituting their young to follow orders from producers to get the stipend, which is eventually given to the parents. Are parents really that gullible to sign that contract? Sometimes I don't like the idea of child actors, just look at Gary Coleman! Everyone knows that his parents were just pimpin' him out and taking his money/income.

Makes me wonder if those "nanny" reality TV shows does the same concept, parents pimp their "out of control" child to producers to psychologically brainwash them to be "good."

Also, don't we have some really decent child labor laws in this country? I know that in California, they must have a permit from the Labor Commissioner's office and understand that they cannot do certain work and work so many hours in a week/day. How can New Mexico be that stupid to not really put some decent child labor code laws on the books?

I can totally understand if adults want to sign their own contract to be on a reality program, but to sign-off for your kids might be a really bad idea, even if the child originally says yes to participating. Ever think of the long term psychological consequences of this?

One parent said to the press (with CBS's interview coaches feeding shit into this mother's brain) that it's like camp... Yeah, labor camp. Would someone please slap these parents?

Let's summarize my rants:
Please slap the parents and producers.
Reality shows suck, big time.
CBS has hit a real new low this time... and I thought Big Brother sucked ass.
I did a past blog about a controversial racial comment on CBS, read this.