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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Total Disrespect and Discourtesy - My Neighbor Hogs Curbside Parking Spots

I've lost all respect for my neighbor's bad parking practices.

Let me ask you readers, when you try to find a parking space on the street, do you hate those moments when your neighbors take a parking space that can easily fit two or more cars, but their car takes more than what they should?

For me, I find my neighbors to be total assholes. Across the street from my home, there's a long parking space that can easily fit three cars, if done correctly. To fit three cars, the first and second car pulls to the front end and the rear end of the curb, and the third car fits in the middle. This technique works well if the first two cars parks properly by fitting it within 1.5 feet of the end of the curb.

Unfortunately, one of my neighbors have a very bad habit of breaking the unofficial rules of parking; they tend to park their car with at least a six foot gap between their front/rear bumper and the end of the curb, and this means only two cars can take the spot because the middle spot is so small, only a Smart Car could possibly fit.

Here's an example:
My Neighbors Are Parking Hogs (4)
My car is the one in the far right corner. I parked my gray car within one foot of the end of the curb and I never go further than the lamp pole. The silver car (my neighbor's) decides to put a six foot gap between the front bumper and the front end of the curb. The gap between the two cars is so small, there's no way to fit another car in there.

Another example:
My Neighbors Are Parking Hogs (2)
Yep, the neighbor has more than just the silver car, and once again, pisses me off by taking more than what is considered fair. The gap between the red and blue cars is so small, a third car can't fit.

Click here to view other photos I've documented of my neighbors being jackasses.

I feel ready to tape a sign on the lamp pole that says "3 parking spaces FOR 3 cars" and put a paper note on every parking hog's windshield that says "nice parking, asshole."


- susy - said...

You should do it!

Heather McNeill said...

Just go out one night and paint the little "T" marks that indicate proper spaces. With pre-made stencils and a paint roller, it should only take a few minutes. (Or use masking tape and a brush if it's quiet enough there to take your time.) Do it at 3am and nobody will see, but the paint will be dry by morning.

Anonymous said...

http://www.youparklikeanasshole.com has nicely-formatted and informative printable PDFs for your convenience!

Anonymous said...

This is a forwarded note from the SFPD Captain of the Ingleside District on April 28, 2011. This is likely to be a city-wide enforcement.

> Hello Everyone,
> I was notified by the MTA that the Department of Parking and Traffic
> will be stepping up sidewalk violation enforcement next week. I was
> asked to inform the community of the plan.
> Parking is in high demand, and parking across the sidewalk, even in
> front of one’s own house, is common. This is still a violation,
> nonetheless. Cars parked across or on the sidewalk block
> pedestrians’ access, especially those who have limited mobility.
> Please inform your friends and neighbors.
> Thank you,
> Captain Cassanego
> Ingleside Station

Anonymous said...

People are very weird about their cars so unless it REALLY affects you I would try to ignore it if you can.

I have the same problem in Noe Valley where curb cuts dont match driveways and people take too much space. Best way to get back is next time they parked on sidewalk or parked longer than 72 hours call it in !

Anonymous said...

why are the driveways empty

Anonymous said...

I live in the Mission district and we have a big problem with several neighbors that have SUV's and don't even drive they use them to block off parking so that way no one park. I have camplain to parking enforcement with no luck. As well as lazy neighbors that have garage's and don't use them and I am really mad.