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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Would you crank call KRON's Rob Black show?

Here's an amusing thing you can do to get that annoying "a-hole" Rob Black off KRON4 (KRON Channel 4) off of television.

When his telephone number shows-up on the screen during his 4PM broadcast (which is SUPPOSED TO BE THE NEWS, NOT FINANCIAL CRAP!), just call it, and try to pass the screener that you want to ask about something like investments or trying to pay off that loan quicker.

Then, when he does answer LIVE on the air, act like you are intelligent to ask the question, and then yell out something like "ROB BLACK, YOU SUCK!" "KRON 4 SUCKS WITHOUT NBC, AND YOU TOO!" or how about "MY NETWORK-TV SUCKS, SO DO YOU BLACK!"

Why do I hate KRON 4 and Rob Black? Read here.

Rob Black is this annoying jackass on KRON that ruined the reputation of the 4PM news, which is supposed to be all news, not financial bla bla bla crap for 20 minutes.

Let me summarize my rants:
I do not encourage anyone to crank call, it's just for entertainment purposes only... (cough...)
Rob Black still sucks
KRON sucks even more, who wants to watch people beat-up each other and see lousy dramas?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I did a Google search on "KRON Rob Black is an idiot" and found a link to your blog. Thanks for your comments. I doubt I'll make a crank call, but it's tempting.

Admittedly, my favorite commentators on economics are Paul Krugman at the NY Times and Les Leopold on Huffington Post. At least those guys will level with us about how bad it is, and how much politics are infused with bad mathematics to keep us mired in crisis we're in.

I have more faith in Jerry Brown than Rob Black does, too. To see change, there is going to have to be a lot of thinking outside the box. Jerry is better at that than Rob Black.

Thinking outside of the box includes outside of the Black box.

Thanks again.
Nick Binion
Independent Multimedia Artist
in SF