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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Dumbass - Ed Jew


San Francisco District 4 (Sunset) supervisor Ed Jew is in the "dog house" and has been hiding there ever since an arrest warrant was issued.

So the dumbass surrenders to the police to get booked and released on bond, but why do it in BURLINGAME?

Shouldn't the guy surrender at a SF police station?

Fact: His wife and children live in Burlingame, and he has a "home" in the Sunset District in San Francisco.

By getting booked in Burlingame, that already assumes guilt that he still lives in Burlingame, shit, why not just give up and TELL THE TRUTH? The guy is SCARRED FOR LIFE regardless if he's able to clear his name.

I think the news media should do this: An unmarked car should stakeout where he is hiding and follow him around town to see if he goes to the Sunset home or returns back to his Burlingame home. If they can do it for common criminals, like that lady who abuses her carpool privileges by driving alone to SF and getting premium parking for only carpoolers.

By quietly following Ed Jew, it would be enough proof to show if he's fucking lying or telling the truth.

Let's summarize my rants:
Ed Jew, resign and let the embarrassment go away
Tell the facts
We are watching you, like Big Brother on meth

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