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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why I don't ride San Francisco Muni

San Francisco Muni just outright sucks!

Checking the news lately? The Chronicle reports that a man had his hand caught in the door of a metro train and was dragging him to nearly his own death. Muni's spokeperson Maggie Lynch blamed the passenger, and not the driver for not looking at the incident in the mirror.

How about this one? CBS5/KPIX did a story about leaking pipes on fifteenth avenue in San Francisco that ran next to a muni metro line. There was leaky water pipes into people's homes and experts believe that the leak was due to a stray current. The only source of the stray current is from the Muni metro tracks because in order for the train to operate, the current must run above one wire, and the remaining current is in the metal tracks. Muni does not want to admit to this problem, so their press talkin' bitch Maggie Lynch decides to basically say "fuck off" to the lady doing the story when the interviewer put the pressure on when muni denied the claim, then documentation was shown that this was happening on the 3rd street light rail project.


And just out of my own experience, I don't like Muni. There's a reason why I drive around town these days.

Here's just a "short" list of incidents I witnessed or involved in that made me hate Muni:
  • Late vehicles.
  • Incompetent customer service people that talk so slowly and speak so poorly, that it is not funny.
  • Violated speed limit laws.
  • Drove way too slow on route.
  • Ran red lights.
  • Went five seconds before green light lit to get ahead of cars waiting for green.
  • Violated pedestrian right of way (I nearly got hit by a bus that way).
  • Failure to make complete stop at stop sign.
  • Skipped stops intentionally to make-up time.
  • Sat packed bus for five minutes to not get caught by supervisor for being too early.
  • Same driver intentionally skipped a major bus stop multiple times, continued to complain to driver and officials.
  • Broken metro stairwell in down position while train operated in subway. Doors would open and pose major safety risk.
  • I said to a driver that a crime was committed on the train, and that I already reported it to police on the phone. Driver just shrugged and kept driving.
  • One station agent per station. Many stations have two booths. Wonder why people just break the law and ride free.
So I just say... fuck Muni!


Anonymous said...

sheepy the shep says "you're a Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad person."

Anonymous said...

Dead on right!

Muni treats the riding public bad, that's a given.

they also treat their employees like Sh*t too.