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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Lamest No Halloween In the Castro Advertising Campaign EVER

I'm sorry, but giving $40,000 in taxpayer dollars for this lame looking logo is a waste of MY TAX MONEY I PAY TO THE CITY I LIVE IN.

So who did San Francisco hire to do this FUCKING LAME campaign? Well, David Perry & Associates. Go watch their lame quality videos on YouTube, where they used the KRON studios to make their cheap videos with F-grade celebrities that I don't know who the hell they are.

Do you see these PSA videos on other news stations (KTVU, KPIX, KGO, and KNTV)? Fuck no! That's because the video quality is lame, and nobody wants to present something that is sponsored by KRON (the worst TV station in town, full of people beating the shit out of each other, dumb reality programs, their poorly rated telenovelas, infomercials during the weekends, "D" movies at night, and a guy named Dr. Phil, who doesn't really have a PhD in his "appropriate" field).

I just love my own YouTube video, and IT WAS FREE TO MAKE!

The videos and poster campaign is so lame, that it ENCOURAGES people to go.

It makes you wonder, where really did the $40,000 go? I'm betting that it's in their pockets. To go cheap on the production of those color fliers, just produce the massive number of posters at some child factory in a foreign country (just like your clothes from the GAP).

So, will you go and resist Newsom and David Perry & Associates? I think so.

Remember folks, be safe, and if the riot cops want to fuck with you, remember to bring a camera to record the evidence.


dmf415 said...

HALOWEEN RULES, Everyone will show up to the Castro tomorrow, you will See!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't know what incriminating information they have on SF leadership -- but that is seriously the worst portfolio I've ever seen. And they have a staff of like 10 to produce that. And I am always, all, I couldn't find a job in SF. My design skills aren't up to snuff. And look at all my better designer friends that have had to move to Chicago and LA to find work. And then these guys still get work? That's just wrong.