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Sunday, January 6, 2008

The New American Gladiators - Steroids?

I'm right now watching that new American Gladiators program on NBC hosted by Hulk Hogan and that Ali chick.

Does anyone notice that these so called "Gladiators" (including the women) might be on steroids? The challengers aint buff, but those Gladiators look like our current list of professional wrestlers, known to take steroids. The co-host, Ali is a boxer, and she aint buff because you can't box legally on steroids.

Um... it should be noted that there's already been two injuries on this program, including the first women's event. What great editing NBC.


Doug said...

Yeah I noticed that also. All the males are on steroids with the possible exception of Wolf, he was the only guy that looked remotely possible to achieve his body naturally.

That one huge black gladiator tore his biceps on the "chicken fighting" type event - a typical steroid induced injury.

2 of the females are obvious users based on their muscularity and receding hairlines.

Some news show ought to investigate this issue - its really not fair to stick average 9-5 joes in there with roid ragers.

Anonymous said...

Doug is an idiot--a torn bicep is not "steroid induced" injury. Many people suffer this injury who take no performance enhancing drugs. I tore my pectorial muscle at teh gym and had to get it reattached and I am drug free. SO Douggie get off the couch find a gym and talk about something you know about--oh I do think the guys are on "roids" as well as several of the women.

Anonymous said...

I dont think they are on roids....the reason being check out the gladiators from the first series as compared to this one. They are tiny in comparison!

Anonymous said...

Yes, tearing of the bicep, is very common in "steroid users". It is usually the distal tendon where the bicep attaches to the muscle. Steroids make your muslcles grow faster than connective tissue can keep up, and they weaken your tendons. So he is correct is saying that a torn bicep is a typical steroid induced injury.

Doug said...

Thanks Anonymous,

and TexasGuy - I am at the gym 6 days a week and have a couple friends who use steroids. One of them tore his biceps at the elbow and the other had tendinitis there ( probably would have blown it out if he didnt rest it ). His doctor told him the same thing - its very common among steroid users.

Also, insulting people just shows that you cant win an arguments with your mind!

Anonymous said...

This show should be called "American Roid Rage" with your host the ultimate roid taker of over a decade Hulk Hogan!