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Friday, January 18, 2008

Misleading Costco Coupon - 20th Century Fox DVDs

Looking at this coupon on the left, what does this tell you?

This Costco coupon looks to me like I can purchase ANY 20th Century Fox DVD, as long as the program on the DVD has been on television.

Scroll down to read why...

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The Costco coupon is actually misleading. There are three item code numbers, but there are four DVDs displayed, meaning that these codes can't really apply to the four displayed DVDs, and also supports that it is legit to any 20th Century Fox DVD.

Actually, it only qualifies to the DVDs that matches the three item code numbers on the Costco price sticker. But since the coupon has three DVD titles, are they they eligible? I don't know.

Nevertheless, I wasn't happy when the guy at the register rejected this, and I also spoke to the manager that this coupon is misleading. I drove over ten miles to that location to purchase something that the coupon is rejected? I wanted to buy the Family Guy "Blue Harvest" Star Wars spoof, but I went home with nothing.

  • Clearly mark that the items are only legit to the codes on the coupon and item.
  • Should have put their advertising price sign on the eligible items. Not all items at the El Camino Costco had their price with the coupon discount displayed. I noticed this when an eligible coupon for this week didn't show-up on the product's display.
I wonder how many other unhappy customers walked in and realized that their favorite 20th Century Fox DVDs like the Simpson's and Family Guy was going to be turned away at the register with a coupon that didn't tell the whole truth about their advertising?

I was almost ready to demand my membership fees back from Costco that day.

Anyone got an opinion about the interpretation of the coupon? Just post a comment!


Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear to me that it's only good on the three item numbers listed on the coupon. All costco coupons clearly have the item numbers that they are good for listed.

Anonymous said...

if you are that unhappy refund your membership and get on with life....all items that are on coupon at costco have corresponding item numbers...read the fine print...

Anonymous said...

Wow you actually took the time to put all that up? Thats what you could call redonkulous. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

You drove 10 miles just to purchase one thing? Also, the coupon seems quite clear to me.

Anonymous said...

You know, I generally would be in agreement with the direction you are going with this, but this one is pretty obvious.

But keep trying. I once argued with a McDonalds manager because their outdoor, parking lot sign advertised a special for "$2.99¢" -- Now, is it Two Dollars and 99 Cents or is just shy of three pennies?