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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Akit's Choices for San Francisco Food

Here at Akit's Complaint Department, you might notice that some of my postings are not actually complaints, but at least some positive reviews on things like when the Dirty Harry DVD collection came out and it was quite affordable at Costco.

I thought that I would give a list and details about my favorite places to chow down in San Francisco and some places just a little away from the city limits.
  1. Seal Rock Inn - It's on Pt. Lobos and 48th Avenue (end of the line for the 38L Geary Limited) and I really love their breakfast specials for $6.25 with decent portions (available Monday-Friday until 11AM, except holidays). I prefer the choice of breakfast meat with eggs, hash browns, and toast; but they also have french toast and pancakes as a substitute for hash browns and toast. I also like their half pound burger and their turkey burger with fries.
  2. Kitaro Japanese Restaurant (Geary and 21st Avenue) - I have to say for the low price you pay for their boneless fried chicken dinner, you sure get a huge amount of chicken pieces. Also, get a 15% off coupon on the register receipt at the Safeway on LaPlaya. Big warning: they don't use Japanese rice that is fluffier and slightly sticky.
  3. Sanmi (Geary, one block east of Mel's Drive In) - The price is a little higher for this Japanese restaurant, but you get it in high quality and freshness. Their sesame fried teriyaki chicken has this amazing crispy crust that is to die for. Also if you are lucky to try the fresh caught fish for sashimi, oh my, it melts like butter.
  4. City Eats Dining Center (SFSU) - I have to give kudos for a residence hall dining center because of the large variety of items for all three squares of the day. If you love salads, this is the place; pizza and grilled varieties too. Even vegans will love the choices. SFSU students, faculty, and staff are welcome to dine by paying cash and recieving a discount (bring your campus ID). $6.50 for lunch is not a bad deal when that amount can get you a deluxe burrito and soda at the student center.
  5. Costco El Camino Real - I'd stick with the hot churros and polish dogs... good for the price. Stay clear of that pizza, I've never seen something that greasy before.
  6. Kam's (Balboa) - I rememeber eating there as a kid and although their cook has changed, their chow mein and "gourmet chicken" is still the same old favorite I loved.
  7. John Campbell's Irish Bakery (Geary between 20th and 21st) - Such delicious big chocolate chip scones. Buy five and they are only a buck each. Their tea cookies are also very tasty too.
  8. Irving Cafe and Deli (Irving between 22nd and 23rd) - My favorite place for a Vietnamese sandwich. The fresh bread (warmed and toasted too), fresh made mayo, and their BBQ pork makes it a killer sandwich. The imperial rolls are crispy and freshly cooked. A BBQ pork sandwich for under $5 is a good bargain, plus add some tasty pate too.
  9. Safeway Deli - Why would I go to a supermarket deli, especially Safeway's? Their Hollywood Cobb sandwich is why. I can care less about the bread, but more about the ingredients they use. For $5.49, it comes with a thick boneless chicken patty, thick slices of smoked bacon, crumbled blue cheese (that really gives the kick), lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing. Buy seven sandwiches and get a freebie sandwich (you don't have to buy seven at once, but use your Safeway card).
  10. Ono Hawaiian BBQ (Lakeshore Plaza, Sloat Blvd.) - The SFSU campus police sure likes eating there, and I totally agree. Their mini meals are priced well and provides plenty of food for a good lunch. Chicken katsu is tasty (the katsu sauce sucks, ask for teriyaki sauce), their BBQ chicken is not bad, their curry with BBQ chicken is better, and the short ribs are the best. Quick tip: If you don't want macaroni salad and cabbage, just say "all rice" and you'll get two scoops and a thin layer of rice on the bottom. For a lite snack, ask for a spam musubi that comes out with two big pieces with fresh grilled spam and hot steaming rice.
  11. Tuttimelon (next door to Irving Street Cafe) - That yogurt sensation is hitting the streets around here. For a late night dessert, this fat free option is not that bad. Try the mango flavor frozen yogurt with some of those mini mochi balls.
OK, now I'm drooling. I'm getting a little hungry working on this blog at 3AM. Your favorite food places are welcome in my comment section. Maybe I'll visit some of your recommended places.

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