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Saturday, September 6, 2008

BART Station Agent Parking - Abuse of Powers?

I like going to Giants games on Friday nights and I park at the Daly City BART station. I keep noticing this car hogging two parking spaces, and then I noticed that it's the BART station agent parking spots. I took these photos on two separate Friday nights:

(Photo taken 8/12/08)

(Photo taken 8/8/08)

Does anyone think this is abuse of parking privileges? Please post a comment.

In my opinion: Especially if you are on-duty, you don't do something this embarrassing, especially when the guy who caught these photos is ME (a "transpo (transportation) vigilante..." thanks Curbed SF!). It's just the same if a Muni driver cussed you out, you don't do it when on-duty.


Whole Wheat Toast said...

the person either doesn't know how to park, doesn't know how to drive, or is in a hurry.

dmf415 said...

My SUV will fit in those two spots nicely! =)