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Thursday, April 2, 2009

SF Giants Garlic Fries goes "Green" - An excuse for soggy fries?

Today is a big day at AT&T Park, the Giants will be going against the Oakland A's in their first exhibition game for the year. This means rowdy crowds cheering on their favorite team, and the occasional fight causing the SFPD to intervene and arrest the drunks.

But the special news from the ballpark today is the ballpark is turning into an eco-friendly place, and recently received LEED certification for retrofitting an existing facility.

A fan favorite of AT&T Park is the Gilroy Garlic Fries stalls that are all around the ballpark. The San Francisco Examiner reports that the "green" fry stand uses 32% less natural gas than before, saves 36% of electricity by upgrading the lighting, and uses biodegradable and recyclable products to serve their customers their hot fries and cool beverages.

But the one thing lingers in my mind. Is going green (a.k.a. efficiency) just an excuse for soggy or non-perfectly cooked fries?

It is a known fact around the ballpark that if you purchase your garlic fries on the lower deck or upper deck stands, a majority of the time, they are not crispy, and sometimes soggy. But whenever you go to the club level or the field club food stands, they cook their fries perfectly with the right crunch.

I am assuming that because of the high demand and long lines for fries on the upper and lower decks, the fry cooks may have to cook it in shorter amounts of time to keep the lines from getting too long. The field club food section (which I personally recommend it, if you can afford a ticket) and club level have much shorter lines, and are able to cook it longer, and possibly in smaller batches for the perfect crunch.

Since the photo the Examiner provided shows one of the stands either on the lower deck or upper deck, will these "green" efficiency improvements make the fries better? Get back to me Giants staff.

Lastly, Costco is offering a deal on Giants tickets. Get two tickets for any regular home game between April and June for only $25 with NO SURCHARGE. The only rules: bleacher and upper reserved only. In certain sections of the park (usually several sections behind home plate), only the upper half of the upper reserved can be used with the ticket card issued by Costco.

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