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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I think Translink and the MTC likes me... (Muni? No)

I got this in the mail just a few days ago from the folks at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, my own Translink t-shirt!

They also mailed me a second little gift, a Translink logo USB memory key.

The handwritten note I received from one of the administrators at the MTC mentioned: "Thank you for your support of Translink" and somehow they also have my address. Now that I think of it, I did register my address with Translink.

With all the blog postings about my personal support and ideas for Translink, I think the folks at MTC is looking for a partner to keep on promoting them.

I have to say, this shirt is one of a kind.

At least I have some public transit allies out there, unlike the folks at SFMTA/Muni... heee heee haa haa haa (in an evil tone).

But I wonder why they decided me to send these two nice gifts? Was it that unofficial Translink mob trip I participated in? See video below:

Lastly, I'll be on a much needed vacation, and I'll try to post while I'm out of town. But it'll be one quick posting because the frickin' internet is not free.


Anonymous said...

Whenever you post something about Translink, it like stays up forever before your next post

Akit said...

Sorry, I was on a ten day vacation with very limited and COSTLY internet services.