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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Serra Bowl Closes its Doors on April 15th (Confirmed)

Bowling Score

It is with sad news that I mention this to my readership and the general public:

Serra Bowl has confirmed late yesterday evening, they will close its doors on April 15, 2012.

For the last 48 hours, it was more of a rumor than fact, until the alley confirmed it on their Facebook page late last night. The posting received a high number of passionate responses from people, those whom have fond memories, others worried about what their bowling league will do, and others wondering what to do next.

From what they have said, they have lost their lease to the facility and due to that, is forced to close its doors on April 15th. For 51 years, the lanes of Serra has provided fun and activity to people of all ages, and will be sadly missed. It has been an icon of Daly City ever since I was a kid having fun with bumper bowling and having birthday parties there.

Bowling Brunswick Air Command Brace - Medium

For me, bowling has been a brand new hobby, but I've only started bowling more frequently in the past month in preparation for the SF State faculty & staff league (a private, monthly league). I've invested my time and money into getting great lessons, playing with my co-workers for a few hours at a time, getting a new custom drilled ball, and buying other essential items. It's sad to see the alley go, and the organizers of the league will have to find an alternate location for our final game of the season in May (especially when my team is up against our ultimate rivals).

Serra Bowl has allowed me to have some more fun and get some much needed physical activity; for every hour I play, I burn off about 225 calories; and with their great bowling rates on Sunday mornings, I'm worried of where else am I going to play for a good price.

When Japantown Bowl closed down, it was a sad day for the Japantown community and its regular bowlers; instead, it's replaced with a controversial condominium facility. The community wanted to buy the lanes, but sadly could not succeed. I'm hopeful a person or a group of people can buy the lease and revive Serra Bowl for future generations to come.


I want to suggest something for all bowling lovers: On its last day of service at Serra, everyone should come for one big farewell celebration; bowl with friends, take up every lane, buy drinks, food, play video games, just everything.

Just like those "cash mobs" where people organize a certain time to go and shop to help a fellow small business, Serra and their employees should leave in style and with a smile on their face knowing that a lot of people appreciate what they've contributed to the community.


Greg L said...

With regard to looking for an alternative, you should try out Classic Bowl which is a few minutes away also in Daly City. You take the 1 toward Pacifica, get off at Skyline.

I haven't actually been to Serra (my friend said they were much more expensive and recommended Classic to me). I found Classic to be a friendly place and a good deal.

Sad to see a good place close though. I want to know why the owner of the building would pull their lease unless the building will be sold and/or demolished. Why would they want it to sit empty?

Unknown said...

Classic Bowl is a fine place but it's not near public transit. People who don't drive can't get there easily. Serra Bowl is near BART and bus lines.

There were about 3,000 games per week being bowled at Serra. Let's assume everyone from Serra did indeed pack up and move to Classic. Classic would have a sudden increase in demand at their center. That usually leads to longer waits for a lane and higher prices. Are you sure that's what you want, Greg L?

San Francisco has recently opened two lame bowling centers for yuppies who want to bowl but not mingle with the unwashed working class. They won't be a substitute for the loss of lanes at Serra Bowl.

I wonder why the owners of Serra Bowl didn't buy the property way back when....