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Thursday, May 31, 2007

$2.98 a gallon in San Francisco?

If you ever dreamed of getting the cheapest gas in town from the station that had the highest gas prices in the nation, you won't believe this story.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that today, Thursday, May 31, 2007, the Shell gas station on 6th street and Harrison, an independently owned gasoline station with the Shell brand name will be selling gasoline today ONLY for $2.98 a gallon regular, and $2.99 for mid grade and premium.

The owner made national headlines when he sold gasoline for $4.33 a gallon to protest the Shell gasoline company from trying to squeeze him out of business and giving the station owner a razor thin profit margin. However, on his last day of business (today), he dumped his gas prices to $2.98 a gallon to basically give a hefty FUCK YOU (that's the way I would think of it) to the company and leave with a bang. By the end of the day, the owner will surrender his keys to Shell, and I'm hoping he gives the finger at them too.

Amazing, isn't it? San Francisco has the highest gasoline prices in the entire nation. I remember paying $2.99 just six months ago at a local 76 station on 19th avenue.

To learn more about the station owner's original $4.33 a gallon protest, read it here.
To find the cheapest gas in San Francisco and the Bay Area, click here.

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