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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

CA Senator Carole Migden - REVOKE HER LICENSE

California State Senator Carole Midgen was recently involved in a car accident in her state issued SUV when driving from the Bay Area to the State Capitol in Sacramento.

News reports claim that she scraped the center guardrail at least twice, once in particular somewhere on I-80 in Berkeley. She also rear-ended a vehicle a little later.

News reports also claim that half a dozen drivers following her called CHP's 911 to inform them that the vehicle was swerving, making dangerous lane changes, and she was on a cell phone while reading documents in her other hand.

On tonight's news (May 23, 2007), the Senator met with numerous local news stations to tell her side of the story. She claimed that she does not "recall" the incidents because she is taking medication for her leukemia, and has voluntary decided to have someone else drive her, and get her self evaluated by medical professionals.

In my opinion, I'm calling out BULLSHIT because her statement is a load of crap.

--First of all, she should have her LICENSE REVOKED IMMEDIATELY by DMV officials for driving under the influence of drugs. If her prescription says that she should not take the medication while driving a vehicle, TAKE THE ADVICE SERIOUSLY.

--Second, the taxpayers should not have to foot her insurance policy that is paid for by the State of California. If YOU committed the accidents in question, it is your FUCKING FAULT and YOU WILL PAY THE DAMAGES IN FULL.

--Third, who the hell gave this lady a BRAND NEW LUXURY SUV? Her last "state official" vehicle for her use was a $50,000+ luxury automobile. If we are a cash strapped state, why do we give government officials brand new expensive cars? Why not give them a FUCKING GEO METRO? At least that extra money could go towards funding our schools a little better.

--Lastly, don't try to get any sympathy from your constituents. It is your fault that you caused the rear-end accident and by blaming that you took drugs for your leukemia is a bunch of shit. Honestly, if I was hit by you, I WOULD SUE YOU IN COURT AND DEMAND TO GET YOU CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED FOR DUI.

Let's summarize my rants:
Migden is full of shit.
I am NOT voting for her.
Pay your own damn insurance, don't make the state.
Don't use a phone and read documents while driving. Do I masturbate while I drive? No.
Give her a bumper car, those run on electricity and if you hit something, at least you won't fuck-up someone else's car. Oh wait, we don't electrified roads on the highways, I guess you'll have to have someone else drive!
No more excuses... CONFESS! CONFESS!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Her explanation is most certainly bull shit. According to the San Francisco Gate (http://sfgate.com/c/a/2007/08/13/MNT1RFQO6.DTL) Migden has chronic myeloid leukemia. I also have chronic myeloid leukemia and have taken the same oral medication that she is taking (Gleevec by Novartis). Dillusion, forgetfullness, black-outs or any other symptom that would be associated with erratic driving and her claim that she does not "recall" the incidents are not among the known side effects of this drug. Having experienced almost all of the side effects of this drug myself, impaired driving and not being able to remember a car accident were not among them.