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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Delays from Translink Bay Area

There's news that the San Francisco Bay Area's "One Card" transit fare system known as Translink is delayed once again.

So... it's been about five or six years since they started the pilot project, and I thought things were going really well. Turns out, the goal of December 2007 for SF Muni and BART looks like it is delayed (again!).

Can't we just get on with this project? Muni is one huge system, so you would expect some issues, but I don't think any major problems.

BART is acting like little whiny children ever since they installed those new faregates. Why not just make it EASY for everyone and go with the one card system?

If they can create a one card system for places like New York and Hong Kong (which has multiple transit companies), I don't think there should really be any problems.

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