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Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Stupidity on the Streets of San Francisco (Involving a Dog)

Remember watching Inspector Gadget and at the end of every episode, Gadget would always give one of those quick safety/common sense PSAs, just like what the GI Joe program would do?

There was this one particular PSA where Gadget talked about safety in the car, and particularly mentioned that dogs (in particular, the dog "Brain") should never stick their head out of the car.

Well... on the streets of San Francisco yesterday (Saturday), somebody didn't watch that particular Inspector Gadget episode. Dr. Claw strikes again. Or maybe the late George Carlin wanting to smack you in the back of the head.

Behind me was this SUV with a dog in the rear driver side window sticking out, with its front paws on the window edge. I was approaching a signal that turned yellow, and pressed my brakes to slow down since I did not want to risk running the red. But the SUV behind me with the dog sticking out did a sharp and speedy swerve into lane to the right of my car, ran the light, and the swerve forced the dog to fall out of the car.

I literally screamed, honked my horn like a maniac, and the lady stopped her SUV about 100 feet away. I thought the dog was messed up, but then it stood up and walked around like nothing ever happened.

Hours after this incident, I was thinking to myself... damn, are there people in my city truly deserves the idiot, stupid, and/or moron award? Buy one of those mesh cage things that most pet lovers put in their station wagon and SUV trunks. At least they won't fall out of the vehicle, unlike the dummy lady did yesterday.

So remember parents, make your kids watch cartoons, they tell important life lessons that you might forget to teach them, like how to hack the cable box to get HBO.

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