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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day - Last Minute Shopping Bargains at Costco

Happy Valentine's Day from Akit's Complaint Department! Or for you singles, it's better known as "singles appreciation day" (thanks to my co-worker for this suggestion).

But if you forgot to buy your lover some valentine's gifts (and maybe some condoms), Costco is the place to be today for your last minute gifts.

Yep... Costco. I had to do some grocery shopping today, and since I am single, it's always nice to buy a few things for mom on this day (and make my dad ticked-off for going over the top).

Here's two great bargains at Costco today that will save your Valentine's day, love life, or just guarantees you some good ol' loving in the sack:
  • Roses: Costco has a dozen roses of various colors, including a dozen of the classic red roses for $14.99. The flowers are fresh cut and big!
  • Godiva gift cards: Costco has a special TODAY! Get $50 worth of gift cards (two $25 cards) for only $29.99. It's ten dollars lower than what they usually sell everyday ($50 certificates for $40). It's 40% OFF TODAY!
So if you are a little broke, get your butt down to Costco.

However, condoms are not on sale at Costco, but I don't think you need to buy a 40 pack. Also, do they sell a gallon bucket of sensual lubricant? Just kidding.

(Disclaimer: Getting laid is not a guarantee... you might still have to sleep on the couch tonight).

Rose photo courtesy of Flickr user Lyubov using a Creative Commons license.
Clinton box courtesy of Flickr user TopTechWriter.US using a Creative Commons license.

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