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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Death of Bay to Breakers?

There is a lot of word around the local press and blogs about ING's decision to change the rules to the 2009 San Francisco Bay to Breakers.

San Francisco Citizen *
SFist (Article 1* and Article 2)
* = NSFW photo

The three big rule changes are: no drinking alcohol, no nudity, and no floats.

And in my personal opinion... ARE YOU NUTS? Actually, it's more like: WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING AND/OR SNORTING?

The Bay to Breakers is literally known as the craziest foot race in the entire country, or even the entire world. While there are serious runners who participate in it, the big mob (which rakes in a ton of cash) is the walkers who walk the route like a swarm dressed in costumes, in the nude, riding floats, and drinking booze. It's literally like a protest march, but it's the biggest party of the year (well... until Halloween in the Castro, hee hee hee).

I want to give my opinions about these three new sins/bans in place:
  1. No drinking alcohol: That'll be hard to enforce. Just bring a paper bag. Even then, the route is lined with nearby liquor stores and supermarkets. I personally think public urination is wrong. Maybe some of the residents on the route can offer their bathrooms for a $5 fee and rake some dough off it.
  2. No nudity: Oh come on. Running nude is a classic B2B thing. Even the Romans in the earliest Olympics did it that way. B2B has a reputation to be an adult event, its not for kids! Think of it this way, running nude is the same as running with a costume.
  3. No floats: OK, this is the dumbest idea of all. Floats are a true B2B original classic. Does anyone remember the tiki hut and the folks inside making margaritas for the crew who pushes and pulls the hut? The Tiki hut is a B2B ORIGINAL, and something to always recognize. Falun Gong can't bring a float to the Chinese New Year Parade, but they sure can express themselves at B2B!
And who is complaining about this? A police captain at the Park station, a couple of government jerk-offs, and the North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association (NOPA Neighborhood Association). Really? So a neighborhood association thinks they rule their neighborhood?

I am going on the attack with this NOPA Neighborhood association:
  1. Who the hell do you think you are? Were you truly elected by your "neighborhood" or was this some type of communist crap? The Chronicle reports a person by the name of "Leela Gill" is some kind of board member (bring rotten eggs folks! When's the next board meeting?).
  2. Do you truly represent the views of your entire neighborhood, or just little punks who think they can shove their weight around?
  3. Supervisor Ross truly represents the neighborhood, let him take the brunt of pro and con arguments.
  4. Here's an interesting statement by a NOPA resident on SFgate: "I live in NOPA. Who gave these guys the right to speak for the whole neighborhood? When I went to the polls in November I don't recall electing Ms. Gill and she sure doesn't speak for me. They are self appointed representatives, kind of like how Stalin was a self appointed representative."
This NOPA group sounds a lot like those similar complainers from the Parkmerced Residents' Organization who feel like they are bigshots who assume power and allegedly represent the best interests of their community (and possibly the thousands of students who live their for a year or so). When in reality, they are a bunch of whiners attacking San Francisco State University from upgrading their facilities and making more spaces to add classrooms and services.


Akit's note: I need to clarify my view about being an alleged "NIMBY." As you may have noticed, I have criticized events like OutsideLands, and supported events like Cherry Blossom, Nihonmachi Street Fair, and Halloween in the Castro.

I give my support to hold major events and festivals only if it lasts one day, in particular, on a Sunday, or an entire weekend.

I don't support events that can:
--Disrupt commuters on a weekday (i.e. hold events on a Friday during commute hour)
--Hold three day events (i.e. Outsidelands)
--Have events that have noise, public transit issues, and parking problems that lasts more than two days and covers a weekday as well.
--Have loud noise continuing through the night, especially if it lasts multiple days; even if it may be legal until 10PM (city law).

As you may have noticed, I give my support to keep the Bay to Breakers the way it is. Changes are BAD.


So readers, in conclusion... either BOYCOTT the Bay to Breakers, or CRASH the party by drinking your booze, shoving your tiki hut float, and run naked (or at least body paint)! And if you have to pee, there's a storm drain on every city intersection, although I don't think watchers wants to stare at your wee wee. Maybe the porta john folks can create urinal stations that takes up less space than a typical portable toilet.

If you think my blog is bad, take a look at the hate messages on the ING Bay to Breakers "official" facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/wall.php?id=122208920450

There are also people who are resisting the bullcrap from the Bay to Breakers folks:
Boycott the 2009 ING B2B facebook page (if you think this is nuts, they already have 401 people supporting them! Definitely more numbers than a police captain, some government jerk-offs, and a few NOPA NIMBYs)
Save Bay to Breakers