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Sunday, February 15, 2009

President's Day equals painful reduced SF Muni service to SFSU

Monday is President's Day for this country, which means it's a federal, state, and local holiday. Government offices, banks, and many public schools will be closed for this day.

But as always... there are people who have to report to work, including myself! Since I work at SF State University, the campus is open, and therefore we all report to our jobs and the students report to classes.

San Francisco's favorite punching bag, a.k.a. SFMTA/Muni has decided to trim their regular bus service to "Saturday" service. This means Muni will operate less vehicles on the street, no peak hour express buses, and Muni metro will be starting later than usual.

For SF State University, "Saturday" service means big trouble. I hate to say it, but Muni does not really care if a major university in the city is in business on a holiday. This is especially true for SFSU that has tons of commuters by public transit and depends on the M-Ocean View, 29-Sunset, and 28-19th Avenue lines. The 18-46th Avenue is not drastically affected since they run every 20 minutes everyday (but do add an extra bus during peak hours).

I've told Muni on numerous occasions that they should increase their bus and train service that serves SFSU when there is a federal holiday that does not affect the campus. And what do they do? They send out ONE CAR "M" Ocean View trains on the route and it comes less frequently.

Even more embarrassing about the metro service running on a "Saturday" is that the metro system does not open until 7AM! On a weekday, they start at 5AM, like regular commuters would expect. SFSU students won't have a very pleasant ride if they have class early in the morning when they have to take the metro "owl" buses. I wonder how many commuters to downtown will realize that their express won't show-up or their favorite "limited" bus line won't come or start real late?

OK SFSU folks! Get ready to be packed in like sardines!

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Anonymous said...

LIKE - from an SFSU student.