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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cucumber in your Sushi - Yes or No?

Here's a good question: Why do some Japanese sushi bars and restaurants include cucumber in their rolls while others don't?

I have experienced this situation many times at various restaurants. About 65% don't include cucumber (unless if you order a cucumber roll), but the other 36% do include it, including many vendors who sell sushi at SF State (SushiGo and Healthy Eats) and at Lucky's at Sloat where a part-time sushi chef makes rolls for take-out.

In my opinion, I don't like cucumber in my sushi rolls, and it's especially frustrating when the restaurant didn't tell you that on the menu. I don't want a crunch in my rolls, I want to taste the fake crab and avocado in my California roll! I'm part-Japanese, and I'm confused!

So... what do you think? Do you like having cucumber in your sushi?


Anonymous said...

dear akit:

i love your blog. i do love cucumber in my rolls, but i prefer tempura rolls to california rolls. i just am not a big crab fan. plus i like gyoza, and if i order that i can only finish 1 roll.

love, hep

Anonymous said...

I agree, cucumber just does not belong in most rolls. I've never been a fan of cucumber and find that it overwhelms the other ingredients. If I want cucumber I'll order a cucumber roll, otherwise leave it out.