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Thursday, January 7, 2010

SF Supervisor Chris Daly to use F-word at Every Board Meeting

San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly may be known as a wild man for stirring up some controversy from time to time at the Board of Supervisors meetings. Who would have ever believed that his first public meeting for this year (Board of Supervisors Rules Committee), he would commit to something totally outrageous?

Yes folks, Chris Daly promises you, the public, some first class entertainment. He promises to use the "F-word" in every single meeting.

Here's a direct quote from 1/7/10's meeting:
"I just updated my Facebook status update, vowing that in 2009 I will use the word f**k in uh, every Board of Supervisors meetings; my apologies. [Audience member applauds]"

(I think he meant 2010, I screw that up at my job on occasion)


Hey Daly, keep stirring the controversy pot. The city's pants has fallen down and the underwear is next. Good for you to stir up some attention by providing a belt and suspenders (a.k.a. the f-word).

Maybe more people will now watch SF Government TV on a regular basis and make pool bets on what time he's going to swear.

Daly for Mayor? I want to be Mayor and say out loud on a microphone in front of city hall: "Muni is f**ked up!"

To watch an UNCENSORED clip of Daly's vow to swearing, click here.

Photo from Flickr user "geekstinkbreath" using a Creative Commons License.

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