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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

21 San Francisco Municipal Laws & Codes You Didn't Know

I was a little bored during my two weeks off for vacation and I looked around the San Francisco government website and looked over the municipal codes. Here's some interesting items that you may have not known about.

Um... the city doesn't enforce all the rules, but you'd expect them to if they are in the books.

  1. Ever noticed why you pay so much for admission to an athletic event, exhibition, or another type of special event? The city taxes admission tickets 50 cents for a ticket valued at less than $25.01, and $1.50 for a ticket valued at more than $25.01.
  2. You also pay an additional 75 cent "temporary" tax on admission tickets if it is valued at $27 or more.
  3. If the city must burn wood for some purpose, it can only purchase certain types as the city has a ban on certain types of wood.
  4. The plastic bag ban is only applicable to those supermarkets whose gross annual income is at least $2 million, and to pharmacies that has at least five outlets within San Francisco (regardless of income).
  5. In buildings of at least 200 feet in height, there must be one elevator, but it must be also made for firefighters to use.
  6. It's illegal to sell baby chicks, ducks, and rabbits within San Francisco. The fine is $5 to $50.
  7. A public swimming pool (not just city owned pools, but includes hotels and health clubs) must have a permit issued by the health department.
  8. If you sell cold and cough medicine, you must display a warning notice that it is not for people between the ages of 0 and 6.
  9. Ever wanted to write your reaction to a ballot measure in the elections booklet? That'll cost you $200 just for the privilege, plus an extra $2 per word.
  10. That's right, cats must be on leashes (or a box) when entering city park property.
  11. Halladie Plaza is actually city park property, but has designated a manager for that area.
  12. Your dry cleaner must post a sign of their prices of their services. The ones I go to doesn't.
  13. Commercial advertising vehicles are illegal on the streets of San Francisco. Might be OK in Vegas, but not here.
  14. Replica hypodermic needles and syringes are illegal in San Francisco. I wonder why my local Halloween store didn't have any, but Daly City does!
  15. The San Francisco Police Department is required by law to have membership with the NRA (in particular, their pistol range).
  16. Ride a bicycle or some other type of human propelled vehicle? It's illegal to wear earphones, headsets, or ear plugs.
  17. While it is illegal to pay a parking meter with slugs or similar items, it's perfectly legal to dump a bunch of pennies down the slot (you won't get any time, but the folks who sort the money will get a kick out of it).
  18. There's actually a law that ringing the cable car bell cord is illegal.
  19. Here's every single parking and transit fine listed.
  20. Got caught speeding, and you are trying to find out what the speed is in the area? Look at this.
  21. Is there an athletic event going through your street? City law requires all athletic events to post signage that there is an event happening, and must include the date and time; signs must be posted every 300 feet, at least 72 hours before the event, and removed within 48 hours after the event. The city NEVER enforces this rule, and you wonder why neighbors are pissed-off.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The speed limit information means that any unlisted street has a speed limit of 25 mph, except for those streets, such as 19th Av and Van Ness Av, which also serve as state or national highways. SF could really rake in some big bucks if they enforced the 25 mph.