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Friday, January 29, 2010

Muni Just Killed the 18-46th Avenue: 30 Minute Waits

I'm watching the SFMTA Board of Directors meeting live at sfgovtv.org and I'm really pissed-off at Muni's planned announcement to change bus frequencies for the 18-46th Avenue.

The SFMTA representative on the microphone specifically mentioned the 18-46th Avenue bus line on their PowerPoint presentation and clearly said that midday service on the 18 will be going to 30 minute frequencies.


The 18-46th Avenue is the only north-south service on the far western edge of San Francisco. It's like Muni just ruined the great reputation of one of the best bus lines in the city. Why do I consider it the best bus line in the city? Before all this re-route bullshit through Balboa, the best and most senior bus drivers had first choices on what bus lines they can drive, and they always chose the 18-46th Avenue. When the drivers say the 18 is the best, the passengers can totally agree.

Midday service has always operated on the 18-46th Avenue runs on 20 minute frequencies, which is totally appropriate for a bus line where the nearest other bus line is over a dozen blocks away at Sunset Blvd (the 29-Sunset).

If Muni moves the frequency to 30 minutes, that means literally destroying the bus line. Assuming a bus goes out of service on the 18, your wait can be up to ONE HOUR. That's like waiting for the Owl bus late at night. Would you like to wait up to an hour with buses that have so much deferred maintenance?

And how about the SF State students, staff, and faculty? How about the Lowell High School students? How about the people who do grocery shopping at the Safeway "at the beach" (LaPlaya and Fulton) and the folks who shop at Stonestown? Will you disenfranchise service to the young, the adults who don't want to pay the $5 parking fee at SF State, and the elderly?

Hey Muni, here's an answer for all of your problems. FIRE NAT FORD. Hell, why not just kick off the Board of Directors.


Greg said...

I agree. I've often used this line too. The decisions are being made by an MTA Board chaired by a suburban politician who has no clue about transit in an urban area, and by bean counters.

We had a TEP that said not to do this, and apparently, they are saying FU to the TEP, and screwing over as many people as they can as part of Newsom's War on Muni. His little political hacks are probably getting off on all of this.

Anonymous said...

It's not a 30 minute wait, It just will run every 30 minutes :).