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Monday, February 22, 2010

Akit's Furlough Adventure #8 - All Around San Francisco

Today was another day on furlough, and what better way to spend my morning and afternoon but walking all around the city. Let's take a tour, shall we?

The Embarcadero
First stop was at the Folsom platform for the N-Judah/T-Third line for a walk along the public shore towards AT&T Park. Here's a great view facing Northwest from the platform.

Bent Herb Caen Way Sign
The legendary Herb Caen, oh how he is missed around our great city. I hope the city fixes this sign. How does it get bent like that when it's up so high?

Coit Tower
It's off to the legendary Coit Tower where the views are outstanding and you hear the wild parrots of Nob Hill. You can pay to head to the top, or just get your camera and just walk around the surrounding area for wonderful shots.

Alcatraz Cruises
With at least a 10X optical zoom, taking photos from Coit Tower is wonderful. This shot is of the Alcatraz Cruises terminal. I've never been to Alcatraz (sad, ain't it?).

Strange Muni Exit Door on 38L-Geary Limited
This is what happens when Muni is piss poor and people fare evade... they can't afford the push bars!

Academy of Sciences Rainforest Butterfly
Off to the California Academy of Sciences! Ever been in the Osher Rainforest? It's really humid in there, but the butterflies and birds makes it really special. Here's a great shot of a butterfly.

Academy of Sciences Rainforest Butterfly
Here's another great photo of a butterfly!

To view the entire album, watch this slideshow:

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