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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Paying $4 (double) for Muni? Less service on M-Ocean View (Muni hates SF State)?

Muni is broke... I everyone in this city knew this fact for the last several years with more fare and pass hikes, and cutbacks in service.

Muni had a nice town hall meeting where the REAL OWNERS OF MUNI vented their anger at the agency. One item on the table is to double the fare (or what KGO says "100%").

There's two important messages Muni is trying to tell us: bend over and get ready for a probe up your ass (the fear tactic to allow the agency to make cutbacks sound better than hikes), or start dishing out more money (yeah, for even crappier service).

If Muni doubled the fares, here's how much you'll get f***ed:
  • Adults: $4 a ride and an unknown price for a pass.
  • Youth, Seniors, and Disabled: $1.50 a ride and $30 for a pass
  • Candlestick express and Bay to Breakers express: $20 round-trip
  • Cable Car: $10 for a one-way ride
I honestly think it's just a fear tactic. If Muni really followed through with their threat, the agency would see much less ridership than ever before, and that means the possibility of less income for the agency if more than 50% quit riding Muni and/or just commit to fare evasion with their lazy and few fare inspectors.

Fare evasion sounds even more tempting every single time Muni gives a false threat of hikes.


Did you hear about one of their other dumb ideas? They want to cut back service for the M-Ocean View line. Muni's management is either high or was smoking weed to think of this idea.

I learned the M line is the most heavily used light rail line in the entire city. You may have thought the N-Judah is king... nope! The main reason why the M-Ocean View is so heavily used is because of my Alma mater, SF State. BART is too expensive since it crosses the Daly City border and charges $2.95 for a ride from any stop within SF, so everyone takes the M-Ocean View because it's 95 cents cheaper each way or free for those who can run away from a fare inspector.

I don't understand this idea. The M-Ocean View is mainly utilized by SF State students and you want to reduce service?

Give Muni a piece of your mind, like FIRE NAT FORD: http://tinyurl.com/SCREWmuni

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