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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Suggest a Better Name for Clipper (TransLink)

KTVU is the first media agency to show the new look to the Clipper card. The color of the card is blue with two white uniquely shaped white colored arrows, and the word "Clipper" on the lower corner in capital letters.

Already, opinion of the name Clipper is not going so well. People on Twitter are posting their anger and it's totally understandable when $1.4 million will be spent on rebranding and promotion. Even people interviewed by KTVU said it is a terrible idea.

What would you name the TransLink card? Or would you even rename it at all?
  • I suggested to name it "The Bay Area Card" which is a simple and unique way to identify our region.
  • Twitter user "dto510" suggested "Transit Bridge" but also likes the old name "TransLink."

If you have any cool names, just leave a comment or you can Twitter me at user @AgentAkit and I'll update the list on this blog.


Peter said...


dto510 said...

Thanks for mentioning my thought, and for following this from the beginning.

On KTVU, MTC spokesman Randy Rentschler said that other cities have cute card names: Seattle's is Orca, London named it Oyster, and Hong Kong's has Octopus. Notice a pattern? Maybe the Bay Area should adopt the Otter Card.

Akit said...

I was thinking of the Crab Card, but it would remind people of STDs. Eeew.

Sea Lion Card?

brell said...
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brell said...

yes, i've changed my mind.

i'm going to have to re-comment since my first one was knee jerk.

clipper may work. it's not very cute though. i can imagine the card being an image of an ocean bound clipper ship. maybe add a mermaid to it.

translink is embedded in everyone's minds, and no one wants a new change foisted on them.

but really, translink is a TERRIBLE name.

transportation link.

c'mon now. the best names are not DESCRIPTIVE. what a waste of a name.

best computer company name, pick one:
digital equipment corporation, international business machines, packard bell, apple. hm.

best airline name, pick one:
transcontinental airlines, united airlines, american airlines, southwest airlines, virign. hm.

best database company name, pick one:
siebel, peoplesoft, filemaker, oracle. hm.

SEE? :) So I wouldn't have come up with Clipper probably, but it's more catchy than TransLink and more fun to say. you can make all kinds of JOKES with clipper! :P