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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Outside Lands Festival 2010 - It Won't Start on a Friday

There's some much needed cheering for all you Sunset and Richmond district residents who had to suffer through two years of the Outside Lands Festival that started on a Friday and went through to Sunday.

Yeah, you know that feeling when Outside Lands started on a Friday, it was pure hell trying to get home from downtown. If you took Muni, you probably noticed the massive overcrowding on the 5-Fulton or the N-Judah lines full of drunken partygoers who could afford to attend the event. For those who have to travel north and south, such as myself to my job at SF State, many of the park roads were closed and we are forced to take already crowded artery routes like Crossover Drive (19th Avenue/Park Presidio) and Great Highway. For once in many years, the backup at the Upper Great Highway was over a mile long to go north.

Now we can breathe a sigh of relief, Outside Lands will only be happening August 14th and 15th, a Saturday and Sunday. This means us commuters can cheer on the fact we can commute with minimal impact, unless if those event organizers get the permits to close-off the park roads on Friday the 13th.

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