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Sunday, June 27, 2010

CONFIRMED Dates for End of Paper Muni Passes & Mandatory Clipper Cards

There has been a lot of speculation on the end of paper Muni passes being transitioned to mandatory Clipper electronic fare cards.

In the local blogsphere, Muni Diaries and SFist reports the end of paper "fast passes" will be the start of the November 2010 pass cycle (or the last month of the paper version is October 2010). When the reports mentioned the end of the paper "Fast Pass," it made me question if it meant all adult passes, all passes (regardless of age or have a disability), or just the "A" pass. I regard the "Fast Pass" to be the "A" pass because other passes don't state that on their pass, but it's also used as a generic term for all monthly Muni passes.

Also to note, SFMTA/Muni posted on their website a broad range of when each of the passes will end by saying "Fall 2010" and "early 2011."

Being the sleuth I am, I took a photo of this announcement at the Cable Car booth at Powell. It mentions EXACTLY when the paper passes will be phased out:
  • Adult "A" paper fast passes and disabled stickers will end November 2010. The last paper pass will be issued for October 2010.
  • Youth and Senior paper passes will end February 2011. The last paper passes will be issued for January 2011.
  • Adult "M" Muni Only paper passes will end April 2011. The last paper pass will be issued for March 2011.
While Muni will be eliminating paper passes, it will be MANDATORY for all monthly pass users to convert to Clipper cards and purchase the electronic form of the passes. Muni does not intend to kill-off the pass program, just make it electronic; but they may consider the Clipper "pass accumulator" program.

  • Learn about Clipper and get a thorough tutorial from me by clicking here.
  • To order a Clipper card, visit Clippercard.com, call (877) 878-8883, or visit a retailer such as a Walgreens location.

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