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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Akit's Favorites at the Farmer's Markets

I'm steering away from the Muni and Clipper topics today to mention about my favorite foods at the farmer's markets I visit. If you have some of your own favorite farmer's market locations to chow down on some hot food and snacks, just leave me a comment.

Stonestown Farmer's Market
One of my favorite places to visit Sunday morning for a decent breakfast/brunch. They are open every Sunday from 9AM to 1PM and located in between Macy's and the movie theater.
  • One of the best value items I like to spend on is the dumplings booth where fresh dumplings are cooked (pan fried) and stuffed with cabbage & pork, chive & pork, or a vegetarian mix. Can't beat the price either: $2 for three dumplings.
  • Two vendors have been there the whole time since they opened, the Indian curry booth and the kettle corn booth. The curry booth has all kinds of curries and bakes their naans on-site; the kettle corn booth's smell of hot fresh popcorn just being made.
  • Honorable mention: A newer vendor sells gumbo. It's a little expensive at $7 a bowl, but the signature gumbo full of fried chicken and sausage is delicious. Perfect for a cold day!

Associated Students Farmer's Market (SF State)
Much smaller than Stonestown's, but they have something I love, waffles! Thursdays from 10AM to 3PM.
  • The Belgian waffle vendor is there every Thursday in his red trailer and they are delicious. There's only a few waffle vendors in the entire city, but the guy who runs this one at SF State makes the perfect waffle with toppings like whipped cream and Nutella. My co-workers thought I was crazy when I asked them if they wanted to get waffles with me (the price per waffle drops if you buy four or more), but once they took a bite, they loved it.
After typing this post, now I'm hungry!


- susy - said...

The waffle guy runs So Good waffle truck right? I LOVE THEIR WAFFLES. The waffle man at the United Nations Farmer's Market on Wednesdays knows me by face and name. Sad, yet endearing at the same time. Those waffles are the absolute best waffles i've ever had in my life.

Akit said...

That's the guy! He used to be at Stonestown until he got a great offer to vend in Golden Gate Park.