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Thursday, September 30, 2010

BREAKING: No More 25 Cent Surcharge on Muni Metro Paper Tickets

If you haven't heard the word, you are going to celebrate, just like Giants fans on sweeping the Arizona Diamondbacks...

There's no more 25 cent fee for Muni's Limited Use Tickets! Fresh from the Examiner, the fee is now waived for you lazy folks who doesn't want to buy a plastic Clipper card.

UPDATE: Clipper confirms this and it will be effective tomorrow (Friday, October 1, 2010)
UPDATE #2: Now official by the SFMTA/Muni.

Just a courtesy reminder: For you Bay Area residents, help save the earth by not getting paper Muni LUTs. Get yourself a plastic Clipper card for free with a minimum $2 added to the card. Here's a comparison...

Muni Limited Use Ticket:
  • Made of paper, not durable.
  • No fee to obtain.
  • Valid for only 90 days.
  • Can store up to two Muni rides.
  • Can purchase ticket to be valid for adults, and youth/senior/disabled.
  • Automatic transfers for Muni included.
  • Not valid on all other participating transit agencies accepting Clipper (Golden Gate, BART, Caltrain, & AC Transit).
  • Once lost, no replacement given.

Clipper Card:

  • Made of plastic, durable (to a certain limit).
  • No fee to obtain until June 2011.
  • Does not expire.
  • Can store up to $300 in e-cash, various e-passes, and e-ticket books.
  • Cards issued at vending machines and in-person retailers encoded for adults. Youth and seniors must apply, and disabled must go through RTC registration.
  • Automatic transfers, including inter-agency transfers honored.
  • Valid on all other participating transit agencies accepting Clipper (Golden Gate, BART, Caltrain, & AC Transit).
  • If card is lost and registered with Clipper, replacement and restoration of funds available.


Anonymous said...

Any idea why Clipper cards must be purchased rather than rented/loaned like similar products? Oyster and Octopus cards have fully refundable deposits. Clipper then charges an additional $5 to refund any remaining balance on the card.

Akit said...

No idea. At least they are free.

Anonymous said...

How is it that Clipper can get away with charging a $5 administration fee for refunds? That's just plain ridiculous!