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Monday, October 17, 2011

Muni's 18-46th Avenue Major Reroute - Through Irving Street?

Remember when I mentioned about Muni's 18-46th Avenue line taking a 51 block detour because of Sunday Streets?

Just yesterday, the 18 line had to reroute because of the Nike Women's Marathon blocked off many roads, including the Great Highway from midnight to about 4PM. While that did cause big delays for the line by only being allowed to cut through 19th Avenue and Crossover drive, I didn't expect Muni to pull this particular stunt off:

Around 1:30PM, I was driving through extremely heavy traffic eastbound on Irving from 26th Avenue to 20th Avenue to grab some lunch, and noticed in my rear view mirror an 18 bus going through Irving. To give you an idea of how bad traffic is on eastbound Irving, there's double parking, cars moving to a crawl, and traffic at a standstill within two blocks of approaching 19th Avenue.

That made me scratch my head... why did the 18 bus go along the entire length of Irving? Normally during a reroute, the 18 bus would go on eastbound Lincoln, but since it can't make a direct left turn onto 19th/Crossover, it has to follow the 29-Sunset's route as shown below.

View Larger Map

For me, to get through the heavy traffic from 26th Avenue and Irving to 20th Avenue took nearly 15 minutes (and failed to find a parking space). Why would the 18 take the slowest street in the entire Outer Sunset district when the bus should have taken Lincoln which has faster speed limits, less traffic jams, and very few stop signs?


Anonymous said...

What I find strange about this detour is that during the JFK street closures on Sundays, the 44 bus is still allowed to carefully pass through the closed areas.

Your map would seem to indicate that some stops along Lincoln Way west of 46th would not be serviced. Does Muni put up any notification that those stops are not serviced and that the route is detoured? And if the bus turned at Irving, does that mean the 46th and Lincoln stop was not serviced either?

Akit said...

Good point about the 44 line. Maybe because it serves Cal Academy and De Young that it makes it not worthwhile to drive through that area and make a huge reroute just to serve the Richmond district.

Muni did put notices up of the bus stops changing, but not sure about 46th and Lincoln, that should have been maintained.