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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Akit Voted - His Opinions on the Results

San Francisco Proposition B Fail

Voting, a time for us citizens to make serious choices, and tell politicians we like them or hate them with the stroke of a pen; instead of opening our wallets.

It turned out a lot of my picks on the ballot didn't turn out the way I wanted it to go. So here's my views about it:

Mayor Ed Pak, I meant Rose Lee, sorry, Ed Lee wins
Great... just great. If you read my twitter feed, I don't like the guy. I didn't put him as any of my choices on the ranked choice ballot. What's so bad about the ranked choice ballot is if you pick three candidates and they don't make it into the last round after most people are eliminated, basically, your vote doesn't count for one of the last two survivors.

District Attorney Gascon wins
Not a bad choice. But I wouldn't pick Fazio because he was the lawyer for Ed Jew whom is now enjoying time in a federal prison camp.

Sheriff Ross wins
Interesting, real interesting. Not much to say, but from meeting him in person, he's a nice guy.

Proposition A wins
Bonds to refurbish schools is okay for me. If I have kids, I'd send them to SF public schools and are well maintained and not at risk of falling down in an earthquake.

Proposition B wins
Fixing potholes with bond money. I voted no because we never need bonds to fix our streets. Shouldn't the extra money saved from Proposition G (a.k.a. "the public seeks revenge on Muni employees") and money from the general fund be enough to fix our streets?

Proposition C beats D
Oh god. I picked D over C because we could have saved an extra $300 million in ten years by going with D. Hey, $300M could keep our streets nice and smooth instead of potholes every day. But give some credit to Adachi, if he didn't speak up and demand pension reform, proposition C wouldn't pass.

Propositions E and F
Annoying propositions about inactive laws and "campaign consultants." Nobody really cares.

Proposition G Loses
Raise the sales tax by 0.5% to 9%. Um, that just encourages me to shop more in Daly City and Colma where the tax is a nice 8.25%!!!!!!!! I totally voted no on this one.

Proposition H Wins Loses
The school district assignment proposition barely wins loses with just 115 votes making the difference. The controversy about neighborhood schools has always been a hot topic in this city, and I'm going to bet within five years, this issue is going to be raised again.

I love voting... it's an opportunity for average folks to give the middle finger to the city government.


Anonymous said...

The San Francisco law is supposed to allow more than three rankings. The limitations to three is due to short-term limitation of voting equipment. Push SF to allow more rankings, not have low turnout runoffs.... Opponents want a December 2012 runoff, say - imagine the turnout compared to the November 2012 turnout...

CRS aaferguson32@hotmail.com said...

"Propositions E and F
"Annoying propositions about inactive laws and 'campaign consultants.' Nobody really cares."

Actually, Props E and F were pretty important: if passed E would have given the supes the power to change/repeal legislation which wen voters already enacted.

And F would have let supes control their own campaign consultants.

If both had gone through, developers would have had a much smoother road to build, rather than the minorly debris-strewn path they currently navigate.