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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BART Publishes "How To" Videos on Clipper - Akit Beat Them to the Punch Over a Year Ago

Wow BART, you finally made a video on how to use Clipper cards on your add value machines and enter/exit your gates.

BART also produced how to add value videos here and here.

But wait just a second... you folks at BART are way behind the times, because I shot and edited this video over a year and eight months ago:

Get with the times, BART! A single person with a cheap digital camera and a Mac was able to record and produce a video in less than a day. For you guys, it's HD cameras, contractors editing video, and lots of money. Heck, why not pay me $500 and I'll do it all myself?


In other BART related news:
The agency is working with the MTC on a possible plan to modify the exitfare machines to allow passengers with insufficient Clipper card funds to pay the difference before exiting. This policy will fight back against those who exploit Clipper card's negative balance feature and contributes to the $700,000 yearly loss the MTC has to swallow. This is mentioned in last week's BART Board of Directors agenda documents (PDF document).

Lastly, the MTC's operations committee is supposed to meet this Friday, but there's nothing interesting to report.

1 comment:

Zach said...

My issue is not that BART spent all that money to produce this video. Rather, my issue is that BART and the MTC have created a system so complicated that they had to produce an entire series of videos to explain to the public how to buy a subway ticket.

The old fare machines had some of the worst UI design imaginable, yet the world managed without explanatory videos. Yet Clipper's maze of rules and procedures are so convoluted that we need a whole set of multilingual instructional videos.

I'd rather they actually spent that money on creating a system intuitive enough to use without instructions.