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Thursday, June 14, 2012

BART's Transbay Tube is Shut Down - How to get to U.S. Open Today

BART Train Map

UPDATE: BART is back open.  Good work BART repair crews!
Bad timing for BART today.  An early morning fire spread to the tracks near the West Oakland station causing possible damage to the rails or the structure.

Due to the fire, BART has completely shut down the transbay tube, no service is being provided between San Francisco and Oakland at this time.  BART will run two different systems, a service between SFO/Daly City and Embarcadero, and lines within the East Bay.  Read BART's press release.

With no transbay tube service, it's already a mess on the roads.

There's thousands of people who can't get to the U.S. Open via BART, unless if you are in a hotel in downtown SF, you got extra lucky.

How to Get to the U.S. Open without BART:

Option 1: Drive
Get across the bay via the Bay Bridge or San Mateo Bridge and take 101 to Candlestick Park.  Park your car at the stadium's parking lot and take the shuttle buses to the U.S. Open.

You can also take the San Mateo Bridge and park your car at Millbrae or San Bruno BART, pay the parking fee, and take BART to Colma for the golf shuttles.

Option 2: Ferry
Take the Oakland/Alameda ferry and walk to Embarcadero BART station.  Take BART to Colma station and take the golf shuttle.

Option 3: Transbay Bus
Take one of the AC Transit transbay buses, get off at Transbay Terminal and walk to a BART station.  Take BART to Colma station for the golf shuttle.

Option 4: Just stay home
If you don't want to stress it, eat your ticket money and just stay home today.  Sorry.


A reminder:
For those of you searching for parking, please don't attempt to park near the event area.  Parking is extremely limited and in many areas, heavily restricted to time limits, special permits, or heavy security presence blocking entrances to private parking lots (such as the churches on Brotherhood Way).  Like I said earlier, your best bet is Candlestick Park.

1 comment:

Ben said...

If people chose the ferry route, get it in Oakland and get there early! I typically commute in on the ferry from Alameda, but the boat was almost full this morning (it stops in Oakland first) and I wasn't far up enough in line to get on before it completely filled up.

I ended up driving, but thankfully left early enough that I missed most of the craziness.