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Friday, July 13, 2012

Ride Muni's E-Line from Caltrain to Fisherman's Wharf on August 25 and 26

Muni Brannon Platform

At today's SFMTA Policy and Governance Committee meeting, a little hidden secret is hiding in their agenda documents... it's about the E-Line route.

If you are not familiar with the E-Line, it was originally the route used prior to the N-Judah and K/T Ingleside-Third taking the route to Caltrain and AT&T Park.  The E-Line ran between Embarcadero station and 4th/King (Caltrain).

Muni has been in the works for years to run a line to go from Fort Mason to 4th/King/Caltrain, and has built curbside platforms that have been unused for years along the route between the Ferry Building and 4th/King.  Now they will be used for just two days to test the waters.

The new E-Line is planned to operate from 4th/King to Jones/Beach for a pilot program in preparation for the America's Cup sailing race.  This pilot program is scheduled for the weekend of August 25th and 26th for eight hours per day with 15 minute headways.

Muni will be operating the double-headed PCC historic streetcars along the route.  Although the E-Line will be on pilot, it will not affect operations of Muni metro's N and K/T lines, and the F-Market.

I shall note, this is currently planned for.  If Muni can't get the equipment or staff ready to run this, expect the pilot test to not happen.  But odds are, Muni will run the pilot program.

To review the announcement, click here to read the PDF document.  It's located on page 25.

1 comment:

Mark Taylor said...

Another problem not highlighted is where the E line would stop. Since all the platforms south of Market are raised platforms, the old streetcars cannot use those. So they have to set up new stops for those cars. The crossings between the Muni Metro stops are possible (like near AT&T park).

And then having them have to go all the way down King to turn around where the N does also would have some logistical problems as already noted. Having both light rail and street cars sharing the same rail is not as easy as it sounds.