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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bottled Water, sounds cheap, but worth it?

Bottled Water - Ripoff!

If you have ever watched Penn and Teller: B.S.! on Showtime, you may have seen the bottled water episode when a waiter was selling off several different brands of water, when actually it came from the municipal source of water from a typical garden hose. Yep, the LA county municipal tap stuff.

But here's my experience: I was at an event today and I need to get some water at the corner store, the bottles sold there were only 59 cents a pop. What a great deal! Then I realized that heck, I'm getting ripped off at SFSU where they charge $1 for the same brand and same size! Is everything we buy at my university just so expensive, regardless that they get several times more customers than my local corner store?

Here's something you can do to say, screw you! to the bottled water companies... drink regular tap water! San Francisco's tap water is the best in the nation during a blind taste test where people sampled bottled varieties, and the local tap water. When SF tap water is chilled, it tasted much better!

So why pay for stuff that you can practically get for free? That does not make a lot of sense. All you need to do is carry a reusable and washable bottle, like a sports bottle around with you and fill-up and chug away! If you carry a backpack with you (for all you college folk), then just bring a bottle, it won't add so much weight.

Let's summarize my rants:
SFSU's bottled water is a rip-off, corner store is 40% less for the same thing.
San Francisco tap water rules!
Gotta love Penn and Teller.

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