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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Does it take three tries to get my sandwich right?

I was at Safeway today ordering a sandwich and I told the lady at the counter which sandwich I wanted and what I wanted changed and omitted.

My first request was that I did not want Italian rustic bread (too hard to chew), and I wanted their French bread. She pulled out the French bread and had to ask the co-worker to verify that it was the right bread. If you can't tell the difference between your store's baked breads, we have a big problem. If you can't tell the difference between macaroni salad and fruit salad, oh dear... Strike one!

She then read the little sign at the sandwich station to put on the ingredients. The spread that is used in the sandwich is the "garlic and herb spread" and I repeated to her that I wanted that spread. She said "you want ranch, right?" I said with a stern voice: "No, I wanted the one that was listed on the menu, the garlic and herb." She STILL put the damn ranch spread on. Strike two!

Since I knew that she really messed up twice, I had to keep my eye on what she was doing; just to make sure she doesn't spit in my sandwich, or I would have thrown that thing underneath one of their refrigerator units for a big surprise for their employees to clean-up.

Right before she was about to wrap the sandwich, I stopped her again and asked her, where's the salami? You only put ham in the sandwich, and the meats included is ham and salami. She put in the salami and gave me the sandwich. Strike THREE. She said, I'm sorry, and I said nothing because I was really mad.

I paid for my sandwich, and when I got into my car, I was cussing the f-word so many times because I have NEVER seen someone really mess-up my favorite sandwich order so many times. I'm typically not upset if they do a minor mistake that can be easily corrected, like me scraping the "olive mix" from the sandwich; yet she really crossed the line.

Next time, I'll never order a sandwich on the weekend. I'm making my own.

Let's summarize my rants:
Safeway makes some good sandwiches, if you get a competent person to do the job right.
Don't mess-up my order!

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