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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rubbernecking - Not a Smart Idea

What is "rubbernecking?" That happens when you are driving on a highway or road and you see a vehicular and/or pedestrian involved accident where drivers slow to half their driving speed to look at the incident, and once cleared of the scene, driving speeds return to normal.

I don't like rubbernecking because:
If the accident scene was moved off the side of a highway, where it does not impact any lanes of traffic, people still slow down to look.

It's a waste of my gasoline because I have to slow down for at least a mile or two at less than 35 MPH vs. driving full speed at 65.

In the traffic, drivers start getting desperate and some frequently change lanes to get ahead, and others drive on the shoulder or change lanes on to a merge lane so that they can pass five cars.

Who cares about the accident?

Want another situation? There was a group of goats eating up the weeds and extra grass nearby the Oakland Zoo next to the freeway and drivers were just slowing down to look at it. No accidents, no injuries, no problems, just people staring at them at speeds of about 40, instead of going at 65.

Lets summarize my rants:
Rubbernecking is a stupid idea.
Stop staring at goats eating grass!

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