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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fast Food: Choice of Words

Does anyone watch those McDonald's commercials? Their recent ad is about their new "grilled" chicken wrap.

I think it's intriguing to note that they have two different types of chicken, one called "grilled" and the other is "crispy." Seems odd that they would call the healthy one as "grilled" (a cooking style) while their other one that has a lot of fat is called "crispy" (as the texture of the product), but wouldn't it be fair to just call it "fried" because of the cooking style?

The same thing goes for KFC... the don't have the "extra tasty deep fried chicken," they've got the "extra tasty crispy chicken."

I also thought it was amusing when McDonalds changed their chicken meat in their nuggets. Their restaurant ad said that "now includes white meat!" I wonder what meat they used to use before they changed?

Sometimes I wonder about the fat content of some of the fast food stuff. Can you believe that the salads cost more and still have more fat than the popular burger (The "Big Mac," "Whopper," or that "Double Double")? What especially adds the calories and fat is the cheese, bacon, dressing, and your choice of "grilled" or (what I call) "extra greasy fried chicken."

Let's summarize my rants:
Grilled, crispy, fried???? So many choices!
What's really in a nugget?
Salad... more fat? No way!

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