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Thursday, March 22, 2007

CSU Strike?

If you haven't heard the word, the California State University faculty association has voted and the tally is that a strike has been authorized.

Read it here.

Other than the cooling off period before the universities go on a rotating strike, just how much will this affect students?

I know that some students will celebrate by sleeping-in late and enjoying their nice day without the pressure of turning in their homework.

Others would say that it would impact them, especially that there are only about six weeks left in the academic year and that some also needs to complete their semester projects.

For undergrads... they are screwed. Grad students are a little more lucky, depending on their program. Grads only working on their thesis work will not be affected because it is just independent work. Grads taking seminar classes won't be in too much trouble either because some classes are a little more laid back and flexible in their assignments.

I don't really like strikes, especially if it will deeply affect my daily activities, but I really think that professors and lecturers deserve a higher salary for the amount of education they receive. This may sound interesting, but if you work as a bus driver, you'd earn more or equal the salary of a professor. When comparing education, a bus driver may only need a H.S. education, when a professor needs a PhD.

If they do strike... please stop using those generic ass chants that everyone else uses! They are so annoying!

Here's some examples:
"What do we want? (Bla bla bla) When do we want it? Now!"
"Hey hey, ho ho, (bla bla bla)'s got to go!"

Think of something creative, like imitating Gov. Arnold's voice: "Hey Ka-Lee-Forn-Ya, I'm gonna turm-inate your education! I'll pay you to wash my Humm-ahh (hummer)."

Or how about playing fart sounds over a bullhorn, and commenting: "Does it smell like Chancellor Reed in here? I guess passing gas is better for him than giving us a new contract."

Or how about an improvised rap jam? or a song parody?

Let's summarize my rants:
They don't want to strike, but the faculty may be forced to do so.
I'm gonna be a bus driver!
Stop using annoying strike chants!

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