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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Officemax gets an F in poor service

I was at my nearby Officemax today to order some business cards and a custom rubber stamp.

When I went to the counter, I asked the lady that I wanted to order some business cards and all she did was leave me the form, and WALKED AWAY. I had to ask for help from another employee because I did not know what to do. That form is so complex that you really need help to get it all filled out.

By the time I finally got the card order right, I already spent one hour in the store, with just some help.

Then I ordered a rubber stamp, it only took less than five minutes to get it in writing.

I was ready to pay for them, and I had a discount card to get $10 off for purchases over $20, and the rubber stamp offer was $5 off. I told the guy that if you need to do it in two transactions to get the best discount, to do so.

He said: It should apply if I do it to both. When he rang up the purchase, he said that it worked.

When I received my receipt, I looked at it and asked him of why did only the $10 discount apply and not the $5 too? I had to ask that question three times when he kept giving me bullshit responses, and then he said, well, you can't apply both offers at the same time.

Then I was STEAMED. I told him that he could do it in two separate transactions so I can get my $15 discount to apply, and finally I went to the manager.

It took less than 20 seconds to explain to the manager about the problem, and eventually, he gave me back the $5 discount (with tax). IT TOOK ME 5 MINUTES TO EXPLAIN TO THE COPY CENTER ASSOCIATE, but 20 seconds to the manager. Just how stupid are these people?

I swear that I will NEVER to conduct business anymore at the copy/print center at Officemax. Their staff is absolutely stupid, they don't give any help, and customer service can kiss my ass.

They have a real horrible track record: They destroyed some documents I wanted laminated, not just once, but THREE times. When I was waiting at the counter for help, I waited 15 minutes for someone to come up to ask me if I needed anything, and then WALKED AWAY.

So that's why, I give Officemax a very big "F!" I would pay the premium prices at Kinko's because at least they don't treat me like a piece of sh*t.

Let's summarize my rants:
F--- Officemax!
Their customer service is crap
You just give me a form, with NO HELP.
Their staff are outright incompetent
I'm going to Kinko's! At least they treat me better.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for being steamed. And I work for Omax(poor me, I know). Please DON'T shop there, and tell your friends not to as well, for ethical reasons as well as your own:
1)they currently require their employees to sell at least one of those worthless piece of crap assurance plans each day on electronics/furniture/puters/etc., or "they will be replaced"(as seen in memo) even though the jobs are non-commission
2)they are non-union and do not care about their employees' welfare
3)even though ALL management is SUPPOSED to be trained at the print center, this is NOT the case.
They really are the next Walmart, just you watch and see...
As soon as a better job comes through, I'm history and will NEVER shop there again either. I got my Staples Rewards card and am happy to patronize them and their smiling happy workforce.