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Saturday, March 17, 2007

SFSU - CSU/UC 10% Fee Hike?

I'm a little shocked that the Trustees of the California State Universities and the University of California decided to raise university fees 10%. Depending on where you go, some will be paying as high as $350 or as low as about $150.

What's the big idea about this?

Here's my take on the issue: We raise university fees (not tuition, supposedly it's provided "free" to all CA residents) because we don't have enough in the state budget to properly fund programs. So they take some real crazy measures to really screw with us.

Here's some good examples of screwing the students: You raise fees to: give university presidents and chancellors a fat ass pay raise or perks (why does SFSU's President Corrigan get a $1,000 housing and car allowance?), nobody wants to attend it because quality is going down the drain (i.e. turn a 30 student class into a 70 student class with only one professor to get more moola), and Arnold aint dishing out the dough to keep us happy.

Here's the big problem, we have public universities, and that means that tuition/fees should be much less or NONE to the students. With a raise in fees, that means that the poor and disadvantaged will never get a fair chance to get a B.A. or B.S. degree. We can still afford to attend community college for $20 a unit, but an A.A. or A.S. degree doesn't pull a lot these days when getting a job.

I guess George Carlin is right, everyone except the rich will be working for the corporate world doing labor for low wages.

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