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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Awful Car Accident on Tuesday (Sunset Blvd. and Ocean)

True story... I was driving home from SFSU going northbound on Lake Merced Blvd, which changes to Sunset, when I saw this black German built car stalled at the limit line in the middle lane at Ocean Avenue.

The German made car stalled at that specific area, and I was in the right lane to pass it. When I passed the stalled car, I briefly look in my rear view mirror and I see a compact white colored Honda car slam into the stalled car. I pulled over and called 911 and told them that there was a rear end accident and nobody was hurt. The lady with the German made car was waiting on the sidewalk and the guy in the white car was able to get out and walk safely.

After I called the police, I went around the block and parked my car somewhere away from traffic and went to the scene and awaited police to tell them my story.

When the police arrived, I informed the officer that the stalled car had its hood up and there was no hazard lights lit. Yet I still blame the Honda driver for driving too fast, not paying attention, and that since the distance from the curve to the intersection was at least 700 feet, the driver should have at least slammed on the brake within 200 feet. All I heard was a brief and short tire screeching sound just before the car slammed into the other vehicle.

Let's summarize my rants (the lessons learned today):
Don't drive faster than the speed limit. Lake Merced Blvd is infamous for people driving too fast. About a month ago, a car sped too fast around a curve made for 35MPH and it flipped over.
Use your hazards when stalled.
Pop your trunk too.
Carry some flares or at least some kind of reflective hazard signs.
Pay attention when driving.
At least Karma was on my side today.

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