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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

SF Muni's Woes... I'm Not Forking Over $$

In the news today, San Francisco Muni is desperate for more money, blaming that they need more money to improve their awful on-time performance and really bad reputation at this point.

Here's an article from the Chronicle. For the entire story, click here.

Here's a list on the article of Muni's "wishes" to raise more money, and my thoughts about it in italics below.

-- Imposing automatic 5 percent fare increases every two years
Are you just fucking stupid? We pay $1.50 for real crappy service. Fare evaders are the big problem, and when they commit the problem, average "I follow the law" Joe who rides the bus gets nailed with the penalty of an increase.

If it did happen: In 2 years: $1.57, another 2 years: $1.65, another 2 years: $1.73. NO CITIZEN PAYS IN PENNIES. Try putting 150 pennies down a fare machine and getting it constantly jammed in front of a pissed-off driver.

-- Charging for transfers
Hmm, stupid idea. Not a lot of great help for our low-income residents that already depend on Muni and gets a $10 discount on a pass from city social services. You really expect them to pay more?

Anyone remember when they took away transfers, had special prices for express buses and a pass that costs more to ride the express, and how much it pissed off the people? They were back on transfers in six months and dumped the special fares and passes!

-- Raising local taxes
We already pay 8.5% in sales taxes, how much more do we need to fork?

-- Adding a surcharge to tickets for professional sporting events
We already pay a heavy surcharge for buying tickets for Giants games online and at ticket retailers. Example: An additional $5 for the Giants Double Play window with free will call pick-up. Plus, Muni brought the metro to the Giants stadium to relieve traffic and parking issues, makes me want to drive now!

-- Raising the cost of parking citations
Let me scratch my butt on this one, nope!

-- Selling soft drinks and snacks at rail stations and boarding platforms
It's against Muni policy to eat and drink on rail vehicles. Same for BART, especially that any trash can ignite a fire in the BART tunnels because of the 3rd rail.

-- Extending parking meter operations
Many meters are not enforced past 6PM, and yeah, I really think that DPT officers will not be patrolling after six, they would be happy eating dinner with their family.

-- Plastering more advertising on everything from the printed bus schedules to the light-rail tunnels
Not a bad idea, just don't put any annoying ass "Got Milk" commercials about aliens abducting cows by calling them "Da-Iry," or that family getting that glass of milk under tight security (shit, haven't you heard of a frickin grocery store?).

Has anyone seen a new bus schedule? Not me! You can just find it online, ADVERTISEMENT FREE.

-- Selling naming rights on rail stations and other Muni properties
Yeah, I like that. Let me buy one and call it: "Akit's FUCK MUNI Embarcadero station."

My answer to the problem, start catching the bad folks that evade the fares, our government needs to put in more money, and stop wasting money too. That 3rd street light rail project had too much expenditures!

Let's summarize my rants:
Lots of stupid ideas to find solutions.
I'll buy naming rights to get my message across.
I drive, what the hell is Muni again?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Omg! I was completly violated yesterday at the Muni station. In order to get proper fare for the subway I stood in line at my atm, paid the $2 fee and then stood in line at old nave to get change. I arived at the turstyle only to encounter hand made signs on the change deposites that read, "USE SIDE GATE. NO ATTENDENT ON DUTY". So, I did exactly what the sign said. I escalated down only to be ambushed by sevan citation officers. I call it an ambush because they had clearly made those signs themselves in order to give out citaitions like they were giving candy to damn trick or treaters on Halloween! It was terrible watching well dressed, tired, hard working people get cited as I stopped at each station. I got really emotional in fact and I started crying. If anyone ever is confronted by one of these demons do not give them your I.D! that's how they get you. Just tell them you don't have it. I just think that it is rediculous that Muni had 5 officers working, but know attendant at the pay booth! I will never ride the muni again, it's cheaper for me just to lease a brand new Mercedes! This experience was aweful and I hope it doesn't keep happening. When I see men and women officers in the underground I should feel safe, not afraid of getting a tacky citation that I can't afford!